18.05.2018 The President of “Borysfen Intel”’s lecture at the International Business Protection Forum

May 18, the International Scientific and Practical Forum of Business Protection Professionals “Private Detective 2018. Challenges and Prospects” was held in Kyiv. The representative forum was attended by experts in business protection, leading scientists and practitioners in business security, professionals of legal private detective activity from Ukraine, USA, Israel, Turkey, India, Lithuania and Latvia. They exchanged scientific and practical views on the reform of private detective activity in the context of an innovative approach to private investigations as the foundations of the so-called “corporate security of business” and implementation of the world experience in Ukraine.

At the invitation of the Forum’s organizers, President of the “Borysfen Intel” Center V. Hvozd lectured on “Organized Crime As an Instrument of “Hybrid Wars”. The lecture analyzed the role of criminal communities in “hybrid wars”, organized criminal groups’ influence on the development of events in post-Soviet territories over the past 27 years, their being used by the Russian authorities during the preparation for and in the course of the “hybrid war” against Ukraine. The lecture caused the audience’s great interest, as evidenced by many of their questions. At this, the questions concerned not only the theme of the lecture, but also the military, security, international situation around Ukraine and in the world.

After the lecture, there were bilateral contacts with many participants of the international forum, as well as representatives of the Ukrainian scientific community, who specialize in investigations. The organizers and participants of the Forum expressed their sincere gratitude to the “Borysfen Intel” Center’s President V. Hvozd for the interesting and useful lecture and the opportunity to fruitfully communicate on various themes.

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