V. Zelenskyi’s Baltic Tour


Роман Кот

Країни Балтії, а саме Литву, Латвію і Естонію, не можна вважати найбільш впливовими у Європейському Союзі. Але вони завжди були і залишаються тими, кого можна назвати на міжнародній арені найбільш надійними адвокатами Києва, і що мають позитивний досвід з адаптації своїх політичних та економічних систем до норм ЄС. Саме на цих двох напрямах і було сконцентровано увагу під час дводенної поїздки президента України Володимира Зеленського до Естонії та Литви. Однак резони і напрями взаємодії Києва з Таллінном та Вільнюсом дещо відрізняються.

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New Manifestations and Trends in the European Politics of Some of Our European Geopolitical Neighbors

Serhiy Polyovyk Today, the system of existing institutes of the European community is subject to testing. Especially regarding the strength of common values that have become familiar in recent decades, and which may seem long-lasting. But such stability of the present can suddenly change and in relations there will be mutual distrust, hostility and intransigence. Taking into consideration the Western-European media analytics, it is now advisable for Ukraine to actively pursue pragmatic international relations. And to remember about the experience gained, about enemies’ encroachments, and to form our own civilized, but at the same time, aggressive offensive policy in foreign relations. That will allow to become a geopolitical actor that offers clear and mutually…

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The Visegrad Group in the Elections to the European Parliament. Prospects for Ukraine

Serhiy Polyovyk  Elections to the European Parliament, which have recently taken place, are special for Ukraine, including because of the political preferences of deputies and prospects for the development of its geographical neighbors. These include, in particular, the member countries of the informal grouping of the Visegrad Four, namely, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. From the geopolitical point of view, relations with them have always been important. Ukraine even raised the question of joining the group as a fifth member. Founded in 1991, the Visegrad Group has always…

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About the EU’s Enlargement to the East As a Common Success

An Economic Point of View From Germany   Serhiy Polyovyk Analyzing the EU’s relationships with new members of the European Union, European analysts are paying special attention to the peculiarities of their internal political relations. Their conclusions, which were prepared on the eve of the recent elections to the European Parliament in May 2019, allow to predict further activity of the European Union in the current format. And while the active policies of new members are not always consolidated with the EU’s policy, experts believe that the enlargement is beneficial to all members of the European community. Obviously, in the future, the confrontation and…

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The Eastern Partnership Crisis and Conclusions for Ukraine

The team of the newly elected President of Ukraine and the Ukrainian diplomacy need to modernize our foreign policy and redistribute the efforts   Roman Kot This week, Brussels celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership (EaP). This format, after the ten Central and Eastern European countries’ joining the EU in 2004, was to answer the question: “What has to be done with the six other states on eastern borders of the European Union?” At the first stage of work of the EaP, the answer was found. However, after Russia’s aggression against Ukraine in the Crimea and the Donbas, it became clear that the European Union had…

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