“…The course is extremely useful because we can hear the opinions of a professional”


Some of the many programs being studied by students of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy are most modern. For example, “Historical, Legal and Political Aspects of the State’s Intelligence Activity”,which has been taught by Victor Hvozd for the fourth consecutive year, and the students’ attention to which has been increasing. “And not just because of the romantics inherent in such an important matter, says V. Hvozd. — It is forgotten the moment the lectures and seminars begin. Just the amount of knowledge required is quite large, while its understanding and digesting is very important. Especially when students begin to understand the importance of the legal aspects of the organization of intelligence agencies and control over their work”.

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An Assessment of the Security Challenges in the Black Sea Region


Центр нової стратегії (Румунія) та Центр досліджень армії, конверсії та роззброєння (Україна) організували та провели в Бухаресті конференцію, присвячену проблемам безпеки в Чорноморському регіоні.

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Ukraine and Current Geopolitical Challenges


У своєму черговому інтерв’ю ведучим радіостанції «Радіо НВ» президент Незалежного аналітичного центру геополітичних досліджень «Борисфен Інтел» Віктор Гвоздь розповідав про сучасні геополітичні виклики, які постають перед Українською державою, про те, що зараз хвилює верстви українського населення, про подальшу долю підприємства «Мотор Січ», у технологіях якого зацікавлені, зокрема, китайські фахівці, а також про подальше реформування такої державної структури, як Служба безпеки України, що повинна змінити характер виконання своїх обов’язків у напрямку їх демократизації, при цьому обов’язково відійти від того, що залишилося їй у спадок від радянського КДБ.

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Who makes strategic decisions in the Kremlin and the White House and how they affect Ukraine?


Керівник воєнної розвідки 2008–2010 років, голова Служби зовнішньої розвідки 2014–2016 років, президент Незалежного аналітичного центру геополітичних досліджень «Борисфен Інтел» Віктор Гвоздь в ефірі Українського радіо в програмі «Сьогодні. Ввечері» розповів про процес ухвалення стратегічних рішень в Кремлі і Білому домі та як вони впливають на Україну/

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V. Hvozd: “…Intelligence Is Always an Invisible Intellectual Duel”

Visiting the Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine   Recently, the Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine was visited by the well known Ukrainian military, intelligence officer and diplomat, president of the “Borysfen Intel” Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies, Lieutenant General Hvozd Victor Ivanovych. The library’s readers and staff are sincerely grateful to Victor Ivanovych for the books donated to the VNLU funds. This is, in particular, his monograph “Historical, Legal and Political Aspects of the State’s Intelligence Activity” (Kyiv, 2018), which contains the comprehensive analysis of intelligence activities in the context of the system of ensuring the national security of the state. In V. Hvozd’s right opinion: “…intelligence is always…

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The USA — China — Russia. Is There a Ukrainian Context?

Victor Hvozd in the CIVILIZATION program on the Ukrainian Media Network   We keep saying that Ukraine should be a subject in a global context. But how to compete for the attention of the world, if there are such big players as the USA, Russia and China? What’s so special about their relationship, what do we say about them now? 1st July 2019, President of the “Borysfen Intel” Independent Analytical Center Victor Hvozd took part in the CIVILIZATION geopolitical program on the Ukrainian Media Network. The host of the program is a specialist in international security Yevhen Zherebetskyi.   Watch the full program (in Ukrainian):  

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The “Passport Weapon”

June 12, 2019, the “Ukrinform” agency hosted a “round table” themed “Russian Passport. Illusion of the  Imperial Gingerbread”, which was attended by analysts of the “Borysfen Intel” Center   Any document can be not only a form of identification of someone or something, but also… a weapon. At least when it comes to the Russian passport and the “Russian World” and its sincere admirers. These two sentences can outline the theme important for Ukraine, which was raised during the international “round table” ( June 12, at Ukrinform), initiated by the…

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Intelligence in the Interests of Private Business. Does It Have the Right to Exist? And if Yes, Then Which Intelligence?

The 3rd International Congress of Investigators and Experts on Crisis Situations Organizer of the Congress: “International Association of Investigators and Experts on Crisis Situations” (MAREKS). Global partner of the Congress: Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies “BORYSFEN INTEL”. The congress was attended by President of the Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel” Victor Hvozd with a presentation – “Intelligence in the Interests of Business. Professional Approach to Today’s Realities and Tomorrow’s Prospects”.   *************************************   At the regular, third International Congress of Investigators and Experts on Crisis Situations,…

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The Crimea on the Chessboard of Geopolitics — the Crimean Evening

President of “Borysfen Intel” Victor Hvozd on the Radio “Crimea. Realities”   How has the world system changed five years after the annexation of the Crimea? Should we expect a global war because of the confrontation in Ukraine? How long can the occupation of the Peninsula last? And what should Ukrainian government do in order not to lose the Crimea forever? These topics are being discussed in the studio of the Radio “Crimea.Realities” in the talk show “The Crimean Evening” by radio host Serhiy Hromenko, and a Ukrainian military, ex-head of the Foreign Intelligence Service…

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