A Step to Peace or a Sign of a Truce?


Victor Hvozd

On December 9, 2019, the first for the last three years meeting of the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany, the so-called “Normandy Four”, took place in Paris. At the official level, it was highly estimated by both, Ukraine and Russia, and by Western countries, as well as by international organizations, including the UN, EU, NATO and OSCE.

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Will the “Zelenskyi Formula” Appear as a Counter to the “Steinmeier Formula”?


Олексій Волович, кандидат історичних наук

Реанімація вже досить призабутої, так званої «формули Штайнмайєра» щодо «врегулювання конфлікту на Донбасі», а точніше — припинення гібридної війни Росії проти України, сталася останнім часом через низку різних подій і процесі як в Україні, так і у Європі. І про деякі з них слід згадати для того, щоб зрозуміти чому саме зараз словосполучення «формула Штайнмайєра» зарясніло на шпальтах газет і сторінках журналів багатьох країнах світу, особливо європейських, а головне — що Україна з того матиме, якщо цю формулу буде реалізовано в тому ж вигляді, в якому її пропонує Путін і наші партнери по «нормандському формату».

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Who makes strategic decisions in the Kremlin and the White House and how they affect Ukraine?


Керівник воєнної розвідки 2008–2010 років, голова Служби зовнішньої розвідки 2014–2016 років, президент Незалежного аналітичного центру геополітичних досліджень «Борисфен Інтел» Віктор Гвоздь в ефірі Українського радіо в програмі «Сьогодні. Ввечері» розповів про процес ухвалення стратегічних рішень в Кремлі і Білому домі та як вони впливають на Україну/

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Economy in Exchange for Sovereignty

Should We Stake On Russia?   Victor Hvozd Despite the clear constitutional definition of Ukraine’s external course, the election campaign in our country again gave relevance to this issue. Thus, despite Russia’s continuation of its armed aggression against Ukraine, a number of Ukrainian political forces openly advocate restoration of relations with the aggressor without any commitments on its part. In support of this, the arguments are put forward about “positive effects” of such a step, which supposedly would contribute to the development of the Ukrainian economy and increase the standard of living…

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“We Often Are a Defending Party. While We Should Actively Advocate Our Principles”

July 11, 2019, the Ukrinform hosted an interesting discussion on the upcoming meeting of the UN Security Council on the Ukrainian Language Law. The meeting of the Security Council was again initiated by the Russian Federation   The charitable foundation “Accent” together with the public initiative “Amber Way” this time devoted their event to the RF’s so-called initiative to hold a meeting of the UN Security Council, on the agenda of which would be the Language Law of Ukraine. Participants of the event in the Ukrinform expressed their seeing of this not ordinary event, outlined a series of related problems that Russia is trying to shift onto Ukraine, and…

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Once Again About the Language

What Russia Wants and What It Is After   Ivan Sichen In June 2019 Russia for the second time in a row initiated a meeting of the UN Security Council because of Ukraine’s new Language Law. For the first time such an initiative was put forward by Moscow on May 20, 2019, but it did not find support from members of the Security Council. In this regard, it was clearly stated that the issue is Ukraine’s internal affair and does not create threats to security of other countries or the world as a whole. At the same time, Russia is once again trying to exacerbate the situation around the Language Law of Ukraine at the international level.…

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The Crimea on the Chessboard of Geopolitics — the Crimean Evening

President of “Borysfen Intel” Victor Hvozd on the Radio “Crimea. Realities”   How has the world system changed five years after the annexation of the Crimea? Should we expect a global war because of the confrontation in Ukraine? How long can the occupation of the Peninsula last? And what should Ukrainian government do in order not to lose the Crimea forever? These topics are being discussed in the studio of the Radio “Crimea.Realities” in the talk show “The Crimean Evening” by radio host Serhiy Hromenko, and a Ukrainian military, ex-head of the Foreign Intelligence Service…

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Russia Relying on Eurasia as a Basis of Power

Geopolitical Trends   Serhiy Polovyk Leading European analysts and experts are thoroughly analyzing the materials of the recent summit of the EU, which completed its work in Brussels. If nothing else, the summit discussed the future of the European Union after the Brexit, consolidation in counteracting China’s “soft power” on the European continent, problems and threats from the total spread of digital technologies and the degree of their influence on the configuration of internal and interstate relations, security policy and methods of counteracting cybercrime, etc. The authoritative Swiss periodical, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ),…

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