Ukraine and Europe’s Democratic Future

Adapted from German publications

Serhiy Polyovyk

European analysts are still carefully analyzing the results of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to Russia, where she met with President Vladimir Putin.

The meeting, which took place on May 18, 2018 in Sochi, shows new trends in the European perception of the role and place of Germany, Russia and Ukraine in the future of Europe. In particular, German “Die Welt” on May 20, 2018, reports that A. Merkel’s visit to Russia demonstrates: European analysts understand the importance of Ukraine’s role for the future of the whole of Europe.

It emphasizes that President of Russia, V. Putin in his current policy is guided by the views formulated by Vladimir Lenin — “who owns Germany, he owns Europe”. But the current well-known Putin’s position regarding the construction of the “Nord Stream 2” pipeline has been supported by the German Chancellor. At the same time, Russia’s insistence on the implementation of the gas pipeline project and the willingness of Germany, which hopes to obtain from this geopolitical dividend in Europe, can have dangerous consequences. In particular, both for Europe as a whole, and for Ukraine — in particular.

The article is available in Ukrainian

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