Geopolitical Fault

Europe at the Crossroads. Where Is Ukraine?

Serhiy Polyovyk

The situation on the European continent is complicated and may be out of control of European institutions. As it turned out, the EU is not ready to test its excessive tolerance for foreign interference and inaction in view of the growing threats.

The actions of the leaders of the major EU countries are caused by the search for a compromise between the values of the European Union and national pragmatic interests, determined by economic factors and the threat to lose the usual and planned profits.

Ukraine will be in the sight of influential geopolitical powers. Resolving the problem of war and peace in Ukraine will be an issue not only burning and vitally important for it, but it will be also a measure of the sustainability of European values, stability of the collective security system and formation of Europe’s appropriate counteracting new types of aggression in the future.

The article is available in Ukrainian

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