The Draft EU Budget for 2021–2027 and Its Significance for Ukraine

Serhiy Polyovyk

Attention of analysts of European countries and Ukraine is drawn to the draft document of strategic planning and further functioning of the European Union — the Draft EU Budget for 2021–2027.

For Ukraine, this document is important because it determines the priorities and prospects of the EU’s international programs, in which Ukraine can be involved, or which, with the participation of the EU member states and partner countries, will be influence its national and geopolitical interests. That is, the priority programs and directions of the functioning of the European Union outlined in the document will determine the vector of geopolitical orientation for Ukraine’s foreign policy and will lay emphasis in its national and international programs, which will depend on European partners.

We should pay attention to the political background of European politics, new trends in its international relations, including the UK’s withdrawal from the EU (Brexit), and the main parameters of this draft budget, in order to take them into account when working on Ukraine’s national strategy.

It is very important for Ukraine to adhere to an active foreign policy, to participate in the initiated by the EU and promising programs, negotiations to determine its worthy place in the common European security policy and international coexistence. Ukraine’s geopolitical advantages on the European continent influence the shaping of the EU policy, in particular, in international military cooperation, the prospects of implementing infrastructure projects in the interests of the EU, in particular the logistic component of joint actions for the ensuring the EU’s security.

Our task is not to waste time, so as not to lose the opportunity to take a worthy place in the European family.

The article is available in Ukrainian

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