Coronavirus Statistics in Developing Countries

Swiss Point of View



According to European analysts, the negative consequences of such a global phenomenon as the coronavirus pandemic have proved to be an unpredictable threat to the national security even of most powerful countries in the world, which have suffered losses in the economy and geopolitics. But then, the international community has at last turned its attention to third world countries, where the problem of pandemics is no less acute, although its course has certain peculiarities due to the real state of the local economy and the place of countries in the world system, their being subject to geopolitical influences by major players of global geopolitics, etc. The situation with overcoming the coronavirus pandemic in Russia, Brazil, Mexico and India is different from that in European countries. In Russia, for example, more confirmed cases have been registered than in any other European country. The incidence of coronavirus is also growing rapidly in Brazil, India and Mexico.

The reason for exactly this state of affairs is still anybody’s guess, but in developing countries, the number of infected is rapidly increasing, and many cases are not declared.

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