Afghanistan: the End of Dual Power

The Signing of a Political Agreement is a Big Step Forward in Ending the War in the Country


Vadym Volokhov

May 17, 2020, the main candidate for the presidency in Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, agreed to recognize Ashraf Ghani as President of the country and as compensation will lead the High Council for National Reconciliation of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. This means that the parties have chosen a political compromise and put an end to the dual power in the country.

Under the agreement, Dr. Abdullah became the second figure in the state with significant powers. His appointment as the chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation should not only put an end to domestic political struggles and give new impetus to dialogue with the Taliban, but also quell the discontent of foreign players in Afghanistan as a result of A. Ghani’s mistakes and failures.

Today, it is difficult to predict the development of the situation in Afghanistan in the short term. A. Ghani’s and A. Abdullah’s support groups compete fiercely with each other and, depending on their interests, can quickly change allies, both internal and external. But signing the agreement is certainly a big step forward in ending the war in Afghanistan.

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