Private Investments into Ukrainian Energy-Efficiency Projects as a Method to Make Ukraine Energy Independent

Talks about energy efficiency and resource saving in Ukraine have been on and off for several years, and it is a long time to move from words to concrete (for some reason, now stalled) deeds. However, the words «for some reason» are redundant here – all the reasons are obvious. And they are confirmed by some energy saving projects. It is so difficult to implement them in Ukraine!

At the organized in the Kiev meeting room of the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine Investment Conference «Private investments into energy efficiency — the path to energy independence of Ukraine» that is exactly what was discussed.

But first, a few words about the content of the investment projects in which the initiators, so to speak, may take a hand. They are reconstruction of heat supply facilities, construction of electric power stations for the use of wood waste, recycling waste to produce gas, electricity and heat, reconstruction and modernization of production facilities to increase energy efficiency and so on. Against the background of the current difficult events, such projects are more urgent than ever. And General Manager of «Star International Group» M. Bayer, speaking before the audience, assured that the experience gained during the last two decades by Czechs in this matter, is more than useful to Ukrainians.

It is necessary to point out that the conference was attended by representatives of some Ukrainian enterprises. They told about their implemented ideas of resource saving. What prompted them to action, and what they have achieved, — became more or less clear to the participants of the Conference from the speeches. But what exactly had to be done, and what difficulties had to be overcome in the implementation of the projects — these questions still have to be studied closer. This was meant above, when it was mentioned that it is very difficult to implement energy-saving projects in Ukraine. For example, attraction of investors’ funds, under the guarantees of these funds, the role of the state and its aid in the form of laws of Ukraine — all this has to be given to the interested citizen before he dares to get down to business. And how to be in a situation where an investor has decided to invest into the project and the conditions of its realization suddenly change? And what exactly in your country means the phrase — the necessary guarantees? The answer to these and other pressing questions could be heard in the speeches of the President of the Association «Private investors of Ukraine» S.Desyak, Vice President for API’s relations with international financial institutions I.Tyutyushkin, Manager of work with banks (UKEEP EBRR project) A. Tochilin, the Representative of the State Enterprise «Centre for Development of Public-Private Partnership» S. Kushniruk, Director of the Department of International Cooperation and Coordination with international financial institutions N.Ryabtseva and some others.

“I believe in the future of your country. You, citizens of Ukraine will be able to succeed. You can use our experience with the concession. You can avoid many of our mistakes,» said Dr. M. Bayer, trying to give answers to relevant observations of the conference participants. But, pointed out the Czech Director General of «SIG». in Ukraine should really work the market and the state should take care of the laws, helping to improve the Ukrainian economy. The EU will help with this. «Under pressure from Europe, we in the Czech Republic managed to make changes in the organization of our work and to accomplish everything we needed — says Dr. M. Bayer. — But if you are determined with an investor who is willing to enter the Ukrainian market, with him should come the latest technologies and equipment. That is, the investor must be a true one».

The event was attended by leaders of local communities of some Ukrainian cities of district and regional subordination. They participated in the signing of memorandums and protocols on cooperation in the protection and support of private investors in the sectors of energy efficiency and resource saving.

It would be interesting after some time to return to this subject again and give examples of the successful implementation of the projects.

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