Parallel APEC and G20 Summits

The Importance of Combining Efforts in Fighting Current Challenges



Events that will significantly determine the bilateral and multilateral relations between Europe and Asia include the virtual summits of APEC member states and of the G20 leaders. Practically, the conclusions of such summits will form a regional and transatlantic partnership, as well as strategies for peace and security. First of all, because they addressed issues of the globalized world, which are somehow interconnected.

Estimating these two outstanding international events of leading geopolitical players, we should point out that they show how well their participants understand the importance of cooperating in the fight against the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and other current challenges. But it is important that most leaders consider the overly pragmatic policy of former US President D. Trump to be a potential threat to the international community.

As for the architecture of the world hierarchy of the states-subjects of modern geopolitics, the economic factors remain its determining factors.

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