Swiss Media on Human Rights and Control over Civil Society in China

Dedicated to China the HWR’s 2020 World Report


Serhiy Polyovyk

Today, recognized world leaders, major countries’ leaderships, shaping their own policies, necessarily take into consideration the rather rapid economic growth of China. Analysts say, China’s great economic achievements are quite natural. But they are achieved by the ruthless exploitation of the working population, active involvement (buying) of foreign experts in cooperation and the use of new technologies. Although in China itself, they explain their success by the leading role of the working class, led by the leader of the Communist Party of China.

Ukraine should have a more definite position in the UN, in other institutions that care for the rights and freedom of citizens. Human rights violations in Russia’s war against Ukraine, discrimination against Ukrainians in some of our neighboring countries provide grounds for appropriate active articulation in the international arena and in bilateral interstate relations.

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