Latin America. Analytical Review 08/2018

Kateryna Vakarchuk

The Political and Economic Situation in August 2018


The events that took place in the region in August 2018 were important and fatal, especially with regard to further reorganization of NAFTA, and possibly its disintegration in the future. Also, the start of the presidential campaign in Brazil is important not only for its further domestic policy, but also, in fact, for the position of the newly elected president, which will affect the foreign policy’s rhetoric of the country and the region as a whole. We should not ignore the Latin American tours of US Defense Secretary James Mattis and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. Besides, an important news of August 2018 was Columbia’s announcement of its official exit from UNASUR. In general, the region is undergoing great changes, which in the future will reflect the position of the Latin American countries on the political and geopolitical map of the world, their role in world politics and international processes.

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