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Results of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation


As part of China’s becoming one of the leading centers of power with its sphere of influence, the leadership of the PRC is pursuing a consistent policy to strengthen Chinese leading role in the so-called “Third World”, which includes emerging economies. At this, such a policy is positioned by Beijing as part of the efforts to implement the strategic concept of building a united and just world with a common destiny for all humanity.

In this context, the PRC is paying special attention to Africa, due to the peculiarities of the continent, namely the presence on its territory of significant reserves of undeveloped natural resources, African countries’ needs for foreign investment and modern technology, as well as the weak development of their productive capacity, which opens up wide markets for foreign goods.

On the whole, the progress and outcome of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum confirmed the strategic nature of China’s policy on the African direction and Beijing’s firm intentions to implement it. At the same time, the growing Chinese presence in Africa is accompanied by an aggravation of competition between China, Europe, India and Japan for influence in the region and access to its resources and markets. In this way, Africa is another scene of the collision of the interests of leading centers of power in a new, multi-polar world.

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