Latin America. Analytical Review 11/2018


Kateryna Vakarchuk

The Political and Economic Situation in November 2018


The events that took place in South America in November 2018 are important not only for the countries of the region, but for the whole world. These include the visits of Latin American leaders to European and Asian countries with a view to developing economic and political cooperation in the nearest future. Thus, the revival of Cuba’s ties with Russia and China is due to the United States and the EU’s sanctions against the Russian Federation over the Russian-Ukrainian confrontation. The visit of the Cuban leader demonstrates that Cuba is well regarded by those countries that profess communist values.

We can’t help emphasizing the intensification of Spain’s bilateral relations with the countries of Latin America. Visits of Spanish representatives show that Spain is interested in Latin American countries, and for this purpose, its high officials are building constructive dialogues. In particular, the royal family of Spain’s visit to Peru and the Spanish Prime Minister’s recent Latin American tour. It seems that Spain is now interested in strengthening relations with its former colonies.

For Argentina, the G20 Summit was an extremely important event which demonstrated its return to the bosom of world democracy.

Thus, all these events demonstrate to the world community that the South American region is developing dynamically and is getting involved in international processes.


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