Russian Foreign Ministry Unveiled Plans for Subversive Actions at Nuclear Power Plants

Bohdan Sokolovskyi

Even a day had not passed from the moment when the Prime Minister of Ukraine December 30, 2014 announced about signing of an agreement on Westinghouse’s (the known nuclear Japanese-American company with a plant in Sweden) expanding of its activities in Ukraine, when the Russian Foreign Ministry with lightning speed (such a quick response must have been for the first time) published a very illiterate and provocative statement which really describes Moscow’s diabolical plans for subversive actions at Ukrainian nuclear power plants.

Firstly, the Russian Foreign Ministry informs about the allegedly “…experiment started by Kiev”, trying to spread panic among our population. It turns out that the Russian Foreign Ministry did not notice the fact that the nuclear fuel of Westinghouse has been adapted to two blocks of the South-Ukrainian NPP since 2008. Then for the last 6 years the Russian diplomats somehow did not care about the fate of the population of those regions of Ukraine. And now all of a sudden they have started to really worry about the safety of Ukrainian citizens and peoples of Europe, haven’t they?

Secondly, Russian diplomats mention Westinghouse as an exclusively American company, while Westinghouse has long been a Japanese-American company with a plant in Sweden. So, the Russian Foreign Ministry once again has demonstrated its incompetence, or is using its obviously outdated anti-American clichés of the times of the Cold War.

Thirdly, the Russian Foreign Ministry should have known that, in fact, Westinghouse has developed and completed a pilot cycle of adaptation of the fuel to Soviet reactors Timelin in the Czech Republic without any accidents.

The list of Moscow’s lapses can be virtually endless. But the main thing is that by its statement the Russian Foreign Ministry has unveiled the provocative treacherous plans of the Kremlin towards the Ukrainian NPPs. Or maybe, those plans concern other European countries, where Soviet nuclear power plants are still functioning.

Therefore, now Ukraine and the whole world know that if a subversive action happens at a nuclear power plant, the responsibility for it will lie with the Kremlin.

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