Saudi Arabia’s Oil Minister Has Voiced the Agreement with the USA

Bohdan Sokolovskyi

The statement of the Saudi Arabia’s Oil Minister Ali al-Nuyami at the meeting of representatives of OPEC member countries November 27, 2014 actually did not drew anybody’s attention. At least, the Ukrainian media’s — it sure did not.

Now, after a month, we can carefully, without emotion analyze this statement, uttered in typical traditions of the East — “between the lines”. It seemed the said Minister did not mention us or our aggressor. Or did he?

Among other things, he said that with the price of oil being 60, and 50, and 40, and even 20 US dollars, none of the OPEC countries will reduce production volumes. Indeed, on the above-mentioned planned (emergency meeting failed to be held) meeting of representatives of the OPEC countries did not agree on reduction of volumes of oil production in order to keep high oil prices.

Secondly, as was clearly stated: “We want to tell the world that only countries with a high efficiency of oil production deserve their share of the market”. It is easy to guess that the Russian Federation also is on that list, because its exports of oil make the main budget income. Besides, that list included Venezuela — another Washington’s “favourite”. It is in these countries, that the cost of oil is much higher than 4-5 US dollars per 1 barrel, which is typical of the Gulf countries. Moreover, in the Russia Federation, with the development of new oil fields in the north, the cost keeps growing year by year. And at the price below cost (35-50 US dollars/barrel), even the logic of Russian production will not stand — oil production will stop. This means: the budget will collapse, causing falling apart of both, the regime and the state.

So, the Saud has actually unveiled the political agreements between the USA and Saudi Arabia on destruction of the Russian economy due to the fall in oil prices in combination with sanctions. Here it must be said that the world (and possibly the United States and Saudi Arabia) has already had such experience: at the end of the 1980s there happened a fall in world prices for oil and gas after a certain “habit” of early 1980s, which resulted in the collapse of the USSR. We must assume that this time the democratic world will be coherent too.

Of course, first the Kremlin will use its reserve. Then, obviously, will make frantic attempts to get a loan from someone. Within a certain time. Perhaps at this will stop the aggression against Ukraine and other countries — if we, Ukrainians, do not stop it earlier.

Will Ukraine benefit from such a scenario?

In the medium and long term — it is clear that, yes, it will. The nearest future will be very difficult, because all our oil imports (almost 80 %!) are tied to the supply of Russian oil. And if Ukraine continues to delay the reduction of such imports, and does not increase its own production, it, as a state, has a real chance to disappear as an independent subject of international law even before the collapse of the current Russian Empire. And no one, except the Ukrainians, it would really worry. This is logical, because none of us, present compatriots, will say that the state was formed not for us, Ukrainians, but for someone else. So why, then, we should demand something from Americans, Germans, Poles, French, Jews, and so on?

I hope that Ukraine deserves a better paradigm, and we will cope with current problems.

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