The West Has Overestimated Its Own Strength

Debate Over the Events Around Afghanistan



What are the reasons for the unsatisfactory outcome of the collective West’s participation in the US-led peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan to end the chaos and violence of the Taliban? They provided local forces with modern weapons and taught them to use them to help defend their own country. It all took 20 years, at least 1 trillion US dollars, and most importantly, cost the lives of thousands of servicemen from the multinational peacekeeping forces. As a result, all efforts by the international community to bring peace to this explosive region have been in vain. The people, armed in a modern way, outnumbering the Taliban, did not defend their independence but laid down their arms before the aggressive Taliban.

Leaders of the United States, NATO, and many others have been accused of misjudging or not predicting events. But the problems of the peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan did not begin at the beginning of this year, and the reasons concern not only the special services, which are now all blamed. In Afghanistan, as in other countries, the West has overestimated its power of influence and its capacity for geopolitical change.

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