Mystery of the Bloody MadneZZ. The Next

Volodymyr Shevchenko and Andrii Savarets in their analytical article “Mystery of the Bloody MadneZZ” are focused on the analysis of the destructive philosophical and ideological understanding of Russia’s political leadership, which is resulted in Putin’s aggressive policy and led to his war against Ukraine.

In this context, the very approach of the authors to the global understanding of the problem is interesting: the existing international judicial and legal practice is resulted in the tens of thousands of criminal proceedings against Putin’s associates for their crimes against Ukraine, while other Russia’s crimes in the spheres of international, military, economic and humanitarian policy are still remaining outside the scope of international law.

The phenomena that the authors are talking about are indeed global in nature. Let’s use the Internet and try to create an appropriate model. The Internet has information in the category “Putin’s crimes” in the amount of 2,200,000 messages in Russian, 5,650,000 in Ukrainian and 115,000,000 in English (as of September 3, 2022).

Is it much or little, what do such figures indicate in such a categorical concept as Putin’s crimes? Let’s again use the Internet and find out that in the category “Stalin’s crimes” there are 683,000 messages in Russian, 1,550,000 in Ukrainian and 12,400,000 in English (as of September 3, 2022).

The comparison is paradoxical. Figuratively speaking, the number of Putin’s crimes is almost 10 times higher than the number of Stalin’s crimes, and Putin continues to lead Russia along the path of the Stalinist policy. The result of this Putin’s policy is war against Ukraine, and I unwittingly feel sorry for the people living in Russia. And there are more than 140 million people whose children Putin’s policy not only kills in Ukraine, but also takes away a future that they will not have.

These are my reflections inspired by an analytical article by V. Shevchenko and A. Savarets. I think that it will be of interest to our audience, among which there are many Russians living both in Russia and abroad.

First Vice-President of the Independent Analytical Center
for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel”, Olexander Bielov

Exclusively by “Borysfen Intel”

Volodymyr Shevchenko
Andrii Savarets



Part II

Part I

We would like to especially emphasize that this analytical study (especially its second and third parts) was written not from a conspiracy standpoint, but from the point of political technology — the science “about the ways, methods and procedures of influencing the masses of people in order to give their political behavior a character favorable for achieving certain political or managerial goals”.

The third version proceeds from the assumption that the war in Ukraine is a set of criminal ways, methods and procedures for influencing the masses of people in the Russian Federation in order to give their political behavior a character favorable for the achieving certain political or managerial goals by a specific group of people within the Russian Federation.

Looking ahead, we can say that if the version of what is happening (as a conspiracy theory) is correct, then this option for Ukraine is much worse than if it was the version of the degradation of Russian elites under the influence of corruption.

In this case, we are dealing not just with moral freaks and degenerates, but with an thoughtful strategic project hiding behind supposedly absurd actions.

This project is being implemented by forces that do not care about the millions of lives lost, the possible economic and political losses of both Ukraine and the Russian Federation itself, and whose plan is still far from complete.

Both the SMO and Ukraine itself, and its resistance to the aggressor in this regard, are tools to achieve this goal. And for its initiators this goal should be proportionate to the sacrifices have made to achieve it.

This goal should concern the Russian Federation, and be located within the Russian Federation itself.

We partially described the methods and procedures above.

Now let’s touch on the main thing — the rational goal.

This ultimate hypothetical rational goal must have certain parameters that justify all methods and procedures to achieve it.


By definition, the ultimate goal must be great.

It cannot be reduced to the goals set by a sybarite, a power lover, a careerist, a corrupt official, or the communities of power seekers, careerists, corrupt officials and sybarites, which at the moment is the overwhelming majority of representatives of the Russian administrative and military elite. From the point of view of potential new elite, such people deserve all kinds of contempt.


This goal should emotionally take millions of people and be easy to formulate. This can only be achieved if the goal is sufficiently abstract — in fact, it is a symbolic goal.

Soldiers of the warring armies throughout history (at least, the last centuries) had been died not for a soldier’s ration, rank, medal or salary, but for “faith, the tsar and the homeland”, “for the Motherland, for Stalin”, “for the Holy Sepulchre”, “for the greatness of a nation”, “for the triumph of Islam”, etc. That is, for rather abstract symbols that resonated in the souls of millions.

It was for abstract symbols that millions supported revolutions.

Let’s remember “liberty, equality and fraternity” on a red background — an extremely abstract symbol that turned the world upside down for a century and a half.

It is the simple symbols inscribed on banners (even banners of a certain color) that move the spiritual history of mankind.


The New Great Goal should be proposed to replace the Old Great Goal, which, in the process of its implementation, has degenerated, outlived itself, and demonstrated to the people its inconsistency with the trends of the times.

It is the old goal, the time of which is over, that can no longer generate anything but elites, disgusting in all their manifestations.

That is, the old goal must be convincingly discredited in the eyes of millions.

Millions should feel at least their inefficiency, and at most — inefficiency and criminality.


The New Great Public Goal must resonate with the basic orientations of the national archetypes, which have been developed over the centuries.

Any attempt to offer the masses something that is not deep in their collective subconscious is doomed to failure in advance.


The implementation of the New Great Goal should be based on an active and passionate group of its initiators, as well as on numerous social groups that are already prepared for its perception by the objective course of events, or are potentially receptive to the New Great Goal.

Even the classics of social philosophy have wrote that new social goals and models mature in the old depths, and are born as dominant through the destruction of the old model and the denial of old goals — that is, by revolution.

Now more specifically.

The idea of Greatness was the great idea that for centuries has driven the development of the Russian state and the Russian nation.

From its very emergence in the depths of centuries to the present day, the idea of Greatness has been understood and is understood as the idea of Imperial Greatness.

It fully meets all the previously named criteria of a Great systemic social goal for the Russian elite and people.

This idea was the only reason of all wars and all endless sacrifices.

What is an empire at the level of mass perception?

This is such a rather abstract (without clear boundaries) geographic space that tends to constantly expand (remember Putin at a meeting with schoolchildren: “The border of Russia does not end anywhere”).

The process of geographical expansion is not an instrument to achieve any pragmatic goals, but is the real Self-Sufficient Ultimate Great Goal.

It should be recognized that the Russian Empire, the USSR and the current Russian Federation owe their existence to this very idea. It lies in the collective subconscious and collective awareness of the inhabitants of the Russian Federation, and is the main reason for supporting the war in Ukraine (which sociology perfectly confirms).


The conspiracy version suggests that the war against Ukraine is designed to destroy (or modify) precisely this systemic Great Idea as outdated and counterproductive, and replace it with another one that is more in line with historical realities.

Let’s repeat. In order to replace an old idea with a new one (that is, by revolution), society must quickly become disillusioned with the old one (as inefficient, criminal, or at least not modern).

A situation should arise when the “upper classes” are unable to rule in the old way, and the “lower classes” don`t want to live such a way.

It usually occurs as a result of a social catastrophe.

The conspiracy version suggests that it is this process of “controlled and predicted catastrophe” purposefully is launched by the interested forces in Russia on the territory of Russia. The bloody and destructive war against Ukraine has been chosen as the key instrument and trigger for such a catastrophe of the Old Great Idea.


Part III

“For 22 years of dictatorship in the Kremlin, the Russian liberal opposition has simply been destroyed. Whoever comes to power today, it is more likely there will be a “collective Putin”.
О. Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, 05.08.2022


It is necessary to take into account all of the above, the position given as an epigraph, the mentality of the citizens of the Russian Federation, the evolution of this mentality, the psychological state of society at the moment, the presence of certain groups of influence in the Russian Federation, as well as the objective laws of the development of historical processes. This is very simplifies the prediction of the direction in which the political development of the Russian Federation and its attractor state is evolving [*], i.e., the final point of its political evolution.

If we exclude the liberal path of development of the Russian Federation as now is practically impossible, and the option of maintaining the system in its previous form under the influence of factors of total war with the entire civilized world, the choice simply disappears.


* An attractor state — a state toward which a system tends to evolve inevitably (as if it is attracted) as the result of objective laws. Having the correct initial data an attractor state can be predicted with high accuracy.

There is only one option left.

After the start of the SMO, the Russian Federation is rapidly moving towards a radical transformation of society.

At the same time, on the territory of the modern Russian Federation, an attempt will be made to create a national state of the Russian people, namely, a unitary state — Russia.

With a rigid vertical of power, with a significant state ownership of the means of production, relying on the state religion — Orthodox Christianity in the version of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Such a transformation will be connected with the basic idea of the greatness of the Russian ethnic nation, which was temporarily prevented from manifesting this greatness by anti-Russian forces, who in 1991 proposed a predatory economic model in the interests of “non-Russians” and the philosophy of “second-rate Russians” in the Russian Federation.

The most likely result of such an attempt would be a successful realization of such a transformation in a large part of the territory of the current Russian Federation.

The closest historical model of such a state is the German Reich during its “rise from its knees” and flourishing at the end of the 30s of the last century.

That is, Russia would be transformed from a quasi-fascist state, which it is at the moment, into a classical fascist state [*], based on nationalist ideology.


* By “classical fascist state” we mean a way of organizing public life in a country where state building is based on a radical nationalist ideology, which is recognized as a state ideology, permeates every aspect of society and is introduced with the help of a rigid vertical of power and the cult of the leader, the cult of collectivism, the cult of self-sacrifice in the name of the leader and the nation.

In this process, the old rotten and corrupt system of government, captured by “foreigners”, would be swept away.

Such a radical reorganization of society fully falls under the definition of revolution.

Moreover, the revolution, which its initiators are making quite consciously according to all the laws of social revolutions.

In this case, the SMO in Ukraine and the whole nature of its implementation is a necessary tool for creating objective and subjective conditions for the next revolution in the Russian Empire.

Undoubtedly, in order to produce large-scale social transformations, one must have the power tools.

There are only five such basic tools:

  • money;
  • property (ownership);
  • legislated power;
  • resource of power (legitimate or not — is not very important);
  • conceptual power — the power of the idea (ideology).

Here it is necessary to recall an important postulate of social philosophy.

The total amount of power in each country is a final quantity. It can be taken as a unit, as 100 %.

This means that if someone in the country has more power, then others have less.

We will return to this important postulate later. It explains why some people in the Russian Federation, contrary to a common myth, lack power.

What strata in the Russian Federation are capable of implementing such a plan, have the motive and technical capabilities for its implementation?

First, about the forces.

There are traditionally five strata in Russia that have the tools of power and are able to really influence the policy of the Russian Federation.

It is:

  • oligarchic business associated with the state;
  • national and regional elites who, thanks to their corrupt or openly criminal ties, have infiltrated national institutions of governance;
  • army;
  • Orthodox Church;
  • special services.

Let’s consider these forces for motives and opportunities for the above radical transformations.

Oligarchic business

The motive is negative.

The oligarchic business in the Russian Federation is adapted to the system and could develop only with the blessing of the state.

The oligarchic business, having accumulated billions of dollars, for objective reasons, should strive for a liberal model in order to reduce the power of the state over itself (especially dictatorial one or ideological).

Opportunities to influence social processes

The SMO has led the oligarchic business associated with the authorities of the Russian Federation to a catastrophic situation due to its consequences — unprecedented international sanctions. That is, this force, for objective reasons, had to oppose both the beginning and the continuation of the SMO. But it didn’t do anything.

Many world and domestic experts overestimated the influence of the oligarchy and predicted an imminent “oligarchic revolution”.

The oligarchic revolution not only did not take place, but there was not even any hint of it (except for some timid attempts by individual oligarchs to express some critical remarks about the SMO).

As practice has shown, the oligarchic business turned out to be completely excluded from the mechanisms for making and implementing decisions at the highest level of power in the Russian Federation.

Moreover, the oligarchic business does not fit into the future model of the state (for reasons that we will discuss below). That is, it is vitally interested in preserving the existing model, and the SMO creates the conditions for its destruction.

Therefore, this force can be excluded from the list of candidates for the initiators and leaders of the future revolution.

National and regional elites who, thanks to their corrupt or openly criminal ties, have infiltrated national institutions of governance

This is a force that, before the start of the SMO and now, is objectively interested in preserving and strengthening just such a model of the state, since, in fact, they could created an “empire in reverse”, when not imperial center receives tribute from the periphery (as in a classical empire), but it pays this tribute for its loyalty.

Now, regional and national elites are vitally interested in maintaining the status quo in the existing structure of governance in the Russian Federation.

We emphasize — that for now!


The RF’s military machine was ideally adapted to the situation of a non-combatant country (meaning not in a large-scale war) in conditions of total corruption and the “rain” of petrodollars that has been pouring down on the army for decades.

Billionaires are top generals, millionaires are military officials of lower rank, a prestigious highly paid profession for enlisted officers. In order to get a contract, privates in the army often had to pay bribes, and in order to get their son into a military school, they also had use contacts among high offices.

In the modern army of the Russian Federation there is not a single group interested in the mass death of elite units on the fortified strongholds of Ukraine, as well as the destruction of all positive myths about the “second in the world” and “invincible” army, and the reputation of a crowd of sadists, marauders and bastards, controlled by dumbs.

The leadership of the Russian defense industry, which felt good enough before the SMO, is witnessing reputation’s massive collapse of Russia’s weapons with all the resulting economic consequences.

There is a total lack of motivation among the military to plan radical revolutionary transformations in the Russian Federation and to implement it.

Orthodox Church

Here the situation is absolutely the opposite.

In the Russian Federation (as well as in the Russian Empire), the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) is traditionally a structure closely connected with political power and special services.

Now, it is headed by an extremely ambitious leader — Patriarch Kirill.

In the modern system of power, the role of the ROC differs radically from its ambitions to be a state church. In addition, it is experiencing more and more difficulties due to objective reasons (Islamization of the Russian Federation, including the Slavic population; the spread of atheism, alternative Protestant and so-called “syncretic religions”). In most cases, these negative trends for the ROC are manifested in the national regions, and in the traditional canonical territory of Orthodoxy — among the youth and intelligentsia.

From the very beginning of the SMO, the ROC, across its vertical, has strongly and unconditionally supported it and its cannibalistic, actually inquisitorial ideology, where massacres and torture of “religious apostates” are presented as a great blessing for the apostates themselves, as it saves their souls. This is a medieval savagery, but it is preached everywhere in the structures of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Whether the ROC’s leadership is involved in realization of the idea of future revolution or not, in fact the ROC is the most active participant in the SMO and will continue to be an active participant in such further transformations.

The ROC is an objective beneficiary in the future model of building the state of the Russian people.

It is not by chance that in the second half of July 2022, at a forum in Yekaterinburg, the Orthodox oligarch Malofeev, one of the closest associates of Patriarch Kirill, presented a strategic concept for the development of the Russian Federation in the 21st century “Empire. Image of the Future”. Among representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, there were the highest ranks of all law enforcement agencies, as well as representatives of numerous public organizations.

The essence of the strategy:

  • to isolate itself from the West for decades;
  • to restore the monarchy;
  • to limit the Internet (as a source of “Western fetishes”);
  • to return to a planned economy (to weaken the oligarchy);
  • to return to the class-based society.

Special services

It is the only stratum in the Russian Federation that has a motive, moral readiness (lack of any moral restrictions), technical and professional ability to carry out such transformations.

The motive is fairly obvious.

Practical elimination in the process of mass nationalization of the oligarchic business as a class, as well as the elimination of regional and national groups of influence in the process of transition to a unitary state. This concentrates the instruments of power (we remember that they represent a final value in every state) in the hands of the special services.

In the future “real Russian world”, the power of the special services is seen as absolute.

Moral readiness

One can give plenty of examples of political assassinations of Russian citizens, acts of terrorism on Russian territory as quite acceptable operations of special services.

Technical and professional ability

The special services:

  • are responsible for providing with disinformation the invading army, which convinced the leadership of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces to “line up in columns” and go to Kyiv in parade formation;
  • since the days of the USSR and the KGB they control diplomacy;
  • full control of the RF’s information space;
  • it was only the special services that could issue Putin’s idiotic (without exaggeration) ultimatum to the West and NATO on the eve of the invasion of Ukraine. This ultimatum (precisely due to its impossibility to fulfill even with a great desire) has completely deprived the Kremlin’s authorities of the possibility to find the way out of the situation;
  • the special services were engaged in the creation of a “fifth column” in Ukraine, which resulted in a very curious and very indicative “Medvedchuk phenomenon”. Viktor Medvedchuk was called the future Gauleiter of Ukraine and, judging by the reports of the Russian media, the Russian Federation seriously invested in Viktor Volodymyrovych so that he would form a favorable information and organizational support. They even named the sum of 5 billion dollars, which allegedly the Fifth Service of the FSB had transferred to him over the past few years.
    It is highly likely, that most of the money were stolen back in Moscow, but even one billion that the Ukrainian media wrote about, Medvedchuk spent on buying real estate, yachts and luxury goods.
    But another feature is important. Medvedchuk has completely “cleaned up” the entire pro-Russian space in Ukraine (parties and social movements), monopolizing and locking the pro-Russian vector purely on himself.
    At the same time, the same special services (that has supervised this direction, and, if they wished, they could check where the money was spent) were fully satisfied with the results (or more precisely, the lack of it, or simply profanity) of Medvedchuk’s work.

Such peculiar results of the special services’ activities were fully in line with expectations, which is confirmed by the fact that not a single one of the leaders of these services fell under repression and everyone remains in their positions, although the military commanders of the SMO are constantly “shuffled” at all levels.

The potential of competing forces in the struggle for power in the future structure of the state

The oligarchy is submissive and intimidated. (Everyone already knows about a series of terrible murders around the world of a big Russian businessmen, together with their families, during the SMO period).

Regional elites are scattered, and in case of a deterioration in the situation (drying up of the flow of “tribute” from the imperial center), in some moments they are potential allies.

ROC — with both hands “for” it due to objective reasons.

The only really competitive and powerful force is the army.

Emperor Alexander III said that Russia had only two allies — the army and the navy for a reason. This traditionally powerful force enjoys authority in society and has all the instruments of real power.

Consider the army as an ally is not an option due to its mighty power, which will certainly be used against an internal competitor.

The only way to unlimited power is to eliminate a competitor, to physically dispose of the army, demoralize and discredit it.

Which is successfully carried out in the framework of SMO [*].


* Some well-known experts adhere to this version, in particular, Piotr Kulpa, who believes that the reasons for the failures of the Russian army are the confrontation between the RF Ministry of Defense and the FSB, where the latter seeks to remove a competitor, namely the army, and carry out the “successor” operation in its own interests.

For this, outwardly insane actions are carried out in the field of military strategy, diplomacy, in the information and moral-psychological spheres.

It is not difficult to imagine the main basic postulate of the new ideology of state building.

It answers the obligatory primordially Russian question: “who is to blame and what to do?”

The reason for the failure in the creation and imperial expansion of the “Russian world”, which was previously built by the current Russian elite, is in the fact that this world is “not Russian”. It is cosmopolitan, and is, moreover, completely under the control of “foreigners”.

According to the latest polls, 110 million people in the Russian Federation alone recognize themselves as a part of the great Russian nation, but the Great Russia’s revival is impossible in the current state of affairs.

How the Revolution is prepared

There is no doubt that the people, who are preparing the fascist revolution in the Russian Federation, do it professionally, have historical experience and erudition, and are based on classic works in this sphere (in particular, Lenin’s “The State and Revolution”).

In order to introduce a new ideology, from the point of view of political technology, it is necessary to discredit the old one, create an attractive new model of the future and the propaganda centers of new ideology.

How to discredit the old system of views in the mass consciousness, based on the thoughtless expansion of the empire — the re-creation of the USSR? This is in the conditions of the “counter process” — failures at the front, the rapidly collapsing “external circuit of the empire” and the problems in the economy that are growing like a snowball?

The answer is easy!

It is necessary to “anchor” all these ideas on some simple symbol, to promote it to the level of mass hysteria.

To attach to this symbol statues of Lenin, red banners, and nostalgic memories, and abstract dreams of achieving greatness in this way.

Then “bury” the symbol together with the collapse of the SMO and the current government.

As you know, the “Z” runic symbol of destruction and death was chosen as such a symbol.

Now we are seeing the promotion of “Z” symbol in absolutely wild manifestations: it is hung on public buildings and cars, embroidered on women’s underwear, cut off on the heads of people and animals. They force this symbol to be folded from groups of children dying of cancer in hospices, at children’s matinees and festivities. It is drawn at art lessons in schools, confectionery is decorated with it.

The suggestion that such North Korean-type mass hysteria could arise by chance and spontaneously belongs to non-science fiction.

After (and even during) the collapse of the old paradigm associated with this symbol, it is necessary to propose a positive constructive idea, the parameters of which we have already described earlier.

The distribution centers of this idea are critically important, just as the Bolshevik newspaper Iskra once performed this function. This is where the expression “A Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire” came from, which happened later.

Now, during the reign of information technologies, and at the same time the most severe censorship in the Russian Federation, the most mysterious person in the Russian Federation, namely Igor Ivanovich Girkin-Strelkov, has took this role.

Those who believe that there is no “mystery of Girkin”, but there is an eccentric marginal, a terrorist-loser, a modern holy fool who is the only one in the country to be allowed to say anything to an audience of millions in the Russian Federation and around the world, and nothing happens to him, are mistaken.

This is because “the authorities are afraid of him”, or (as an option) they are trying to “let off steam” in such an amazing way.

In this case, Girkin’s public calls (broadcasting to an audience of millions) for the violent overthrow of the existing regime in the Russian Federation and the execution of all current top leaders of the state is the most original way in history to “let off steam”.

Girkin himself has spoken about it in his usual extremely frank manner: “I have such a protection at the top that allows me to say whatever I want”.



Therefore, we will express exactly the opposite opinion.

The image of Girkin from the point of view of political technology is designed ideally for the purpose of building a fascist state — Russia instead of the Russian Federation.

His military experience, a competent and logical way of expressing thoughts, wide erudition in matters of military history, the ability to draw relevant analogies between key events in Russian and world history allow his vast audience to only increasing.

The human image for the target audience is also an ideal. The embodiment of the best qualities of a White Guard officer: a man of honor who despises bribery, lives in a standard apartment in St. Petersburg, travels by public transport without bodyguards, denies alcohol, smoking and drugs for himself, a loving husband and father.

At the same time fanatically devoted to the idea of the greatness of the Russian people, ready at any moment for this idea to die in battle with the enemies of the homeland.

If you carefully look through all the numerous speeches of Girkin on Internet sites, as well as read his messages, then you can find confirmation of the above, expressed in an extremely frank and clear form.

It contains devastating and well-reasoned characteristics of the current political model in the Russian Federation and its economic basis, which Girkin deeply despises, as well as clear messages of a programmatic nature, a clear picture of a “positive” future for his current and potential supporters, whose number is growing steadily and explosively.

Girkin himself has expressed very specifically about the ultimate goal of the SMO, which excludes any other interpretation of his words: “The Russian Federation began this military campaign, and Russia will probably end it”.


The military, who suffered an insulting defeat on the fields and seas of Ukraine, will become the main driving force of the revolution. As Girkin recently stated: “The losing army will ask questions to its government”.

Then the corrupt regional and national elites, who have lost the opportunity to receive payment for loyalty from the imperial center, will begin to look for more profitable models for retaining and maintaining their personal power. The same thing happened at times of the USSR “perestroika” among the party elite of the Union republics.

As a result, power in Russia will be seized by the junta, which will offer the public its own “constructive” program, the main provisions of which are outlined in Girkin’s speeches.

Then, according to him, chaos will come in Russia, the essence of which will be the desire of the new government by all means (including by force) to keep under itself the maximum possible number of former federal subjects, eliminating their current status. This inevitably means civil war in its classic version.

There is reason to believe that such a war will end largely successful for the new government. Territorial losses will be relatively small, because the seeds of “great revolutionary ideas” fall on a mental field that has long been plowed.

In the Russian Federation, social groups and political forces have long ago matured, professing the idea of reviving the “Great Russian National State” in this particular variant.

The idea of Russian fascism has deep and powerful historical roots [*].


* The revolution of 1905–1907 caused a significant reaction from the monarchist-minded groups, which became known as the “Black Hundred movement”. Far-right organizations of the Black Hundreds were active in 1905–1917. They were based on the ideas of Russian nationalism and used the slogans of defending the monarchy and Orthodoxy. These included the Union of the Russian People, the Russian People’s Union named after the Archangel Michael, and others. The leaders and ideologists of the Black Hundreds were Vladimir Gringmut, Alexander Dubrovin, Pavel Krushevan, Nikolai Markov, and Vladimir Purishkevich. The Black Hundreds included reactionary, counter-revolutionary and anti-Semitic groups that, with the connivance of the authorities, carried out attacks on revolutionary groups and committed Jewish pogroms. The social basis of these organizations was made up of heterogeneous elements: landlords, clergymen, the large and small urban bourgeoisie, merchants, peasants, workers, tradesmen, artisans, Cossacks, police officers, who advocated the preservation of the inviolability of the autocracy on the basis of the Uvarov formula “Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationality”.

The period of development of Russian fascism in the 1930s–1940s in Europe was characterized by sympathy for Italian fascism and German national socialism, pronounced anti-communism and anti-Semitism.

Within the framework of Russian fascism, under the influence of the similar ideologies of Italy and Germany, nationalism has acquired extremist forms. Russian fascism also has its roots in the movements known in history as the Black Hundreds and the White Movement.

Some ideologues of the White Movement, such as Ivan Ilyin and Vasily Shulgin, welcomed the coming to power of Benito Mussolini in Italy and Adolf Hitler in Germany, offering their comrades-in-arms the fascist “method” as a way to fight socialism, communism and godlessness. At the same time, they did not deny political repressions and anti-Semitism and justified it.

In Russia, the Aryan myth, including in various directions of Slavic Neopaganism, is closely connected with the Khazar myth, the conspiracy idea about the centuries-old “Khazarian (Jewish) yoke” over Russia and about modern Jews as the genetic and cultural heirs of the Jews of the Khazar Khaganate, secretly ruling Russia. The idea is based on chronicle information about the tribute paid to the Khazars by part of the East Slavic tribes, about Prince Sviatoslav’s victory over Khazars and about the Jewish religion of part of the Khazarian population. Supporters of the idea believe that it was the Jews who had power over the Slavs; this power was overthrown by Prince Sviatoslav, but restored by Prince Volodymyr and continues until the present. In this regard, the euphemism “Khazarian yoke” is used to refer to Jews. Supporters of the idea consider the “Khazarian yoke” as a local (Russian and Ukrainian) version of the world Jewish domination and the struggle of “Aryans” and “Semites”.

To date, the most prominent non-parliamentary political group using the slogans of Russian nationalism is the unregistered National Democratic Party, which aims to “transform the Russian Federation into a Russian national state”.

The parliamentary party (which remains unchanged in the political field of the Russian Federation for 30 years) is Zhirinovsky’s Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR). Its leader constantly spoke from the standpoint of Russian ethnic nationalism, arguing that the Russian population was initially deprived of their rights and is in a humiliated position in comparison with other ethnic groups, in particular, Caucasians.

From the program of the Liberal Democratic Party: “Federal policy and state structure. The national-territorial principle of government is ineffective and dangerous, because it leads to the growth of interethnic conflicts and threatens by the collapse of Russia. The current borders of the subjects of the Russian Federation were created artificially, without taking into account national, historical and economic factors. Russia must be transformed from a federal to a unitary state: without any national republics or national districts as subjects of the state.

The creation of a unitary state will eliminate the prerequisites for local separatism and restore the priority of national interests over local ones. The Liberal Democratic Party proposes to legislatively introduce a number of fundamentally new provisions, including in the country’s Constitution: “Russia is a unitary (single) state, the administrative division of which consists of governorates”.

There is also a powerful Russian nationalist tradition, formulated and brought by popular philosophers (A. Solzhenitsyn, V. Larionov — the author of the work “Orthodox Monarchy”, A. Dugin and many others), artists (N. Mikhalkov, S. Bezrukov, Z. Bichevskaya and others), and built in popular works.

Now, the above-mentioned personalities (those who are alive) and their like-minded people support the SMO as a way to restore the greatness of Russia.

In case of collapse of the previous concept, they will willingly accept a simpler, logically consistent and more radical version.

The murder of Dugin’s daughter has gave a new impetus to the battles for power inside Russia. After Darya Dugin was blown up in her own car, the pro-Kremlin Telegram channel Nezygar has reposted one of Dugin’s posts. If you reduce the post to three words, then it says that Putin does not cope.

Dugin and his followers have always been loyal to the Kremlin, and since the beginning of the SMO, they were so excited to see thawing of nationalist ideas in Putin’s politics, as it seemed to them. But now they are disappointing in this policy very quickly and deeply.

According to them, Putin’s government which started a civilizational war against the entire liberal West (and in particular Ukraine) has failed to cope with its ambitions and in fact, achieved nothing.

That is, the most important and deep reason for the problems that arise in the Russian Federation is, according to the same Girkin, that Putin represents the current non-Russian government.

About the most important and deepest reason of the problems in the Russian Federation, Girkin said following.



That is, the reason is that Putin is the embodiment of the current non-Russian government.

There are many examples of art works that popularize this idea among Russians.

For example, the most famous nationalist lines of the popular Alisa rock band sound like this: “We are sharpened by the seed of the horde, we are oppressed by the yoke of infidels, but the sky of the Slavs boils in our veins”.

The song “Kulikovo Field” by Z. Bichevskaya is, in fact, the anthem of the new Russia


In this context, it is worth mentioning the prophetic words, usually attributed to Winston Churchill: “When Russia becomes a fascist state, fascism will be called a “special Russian spirituality”.

There is no doubt that having such powerful political and propaganda tools in hand, relying on political and mental tradition, as well as using popular opinion leaders, it will not be much more difficult to “promote” a new idea in a significant part of the territory of the Russian Federation than hysteria with “Z”. Most likely even easier.

It is very significant that Girkin, when conducting his live streams, prefers to perform against the background of the flag of the non-existent Novorossiya.

And, if we adhere to the above version of events related to the war, then the most logical assumption would be that “Novorossiya” behind his back (that is, “New Russia”) concerns, first of all, not Ukraine, but the Russian Federation.

The heroic motto of the new government “Will and Labor” is also inscribed there, under which the new government plans to finally bring the Russian nation to “true” greatness.

The trends in the development of the Russian Federation are obvious, and it can hardly be called a mere coincidence that over 20,000 Jews left the Russian Federation in six months of the SMO. Representatives of a nation that, at the genetic level, has a sense of the danger of fascism. This is the biggest exodus since perestroika and the collapse of the USSR. There are many of reasons to leave a country: supporters of the Russian nationalist idea raise the subject of anti-Semitism more and more persistently and increasingly.

An indirect proof of such a vision of the development of the Russian Federation can also be a massive strategic exodus of Western companies from the country, despite billion losses. This exodus does not look like a temporary or situational one.

Conclusions following the “conspiracy version”

  1. The transformation of the state’s organization and its transition from the “Russian Federation” to “Russia” was prepared and carried out by people united by the common name “collective Putin”. Therefore, as the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine O. Danilov said: “Putin’s physical death will not affect anything”.
  2. The new (but not real) model of the state’s organization in the new Russia assumes the power of the special services, which is close to absolute one.
  3. Despite any sanctions and losses of the Russian Federation (the more such losses, the better for its organizers), the SMO will continue, until the objective and subjective prerequisites for the revolution, clearly set out in textbooks, germinate.
  4. If the organizers of the Russian-Ukrainian war do not care about the losses of the Russian Federation, then they, moreover, do not care about the losses of Ukraine.
  5. We are dealing with a diabolical plan, where Ukraine has the only way out — to inflict the maximum military defeat on the Russian Federation as soon as possible with the help of the anti-Putin coalition.
  6. After such a defeat, Russia will be changed according to the above scenario, since a liberal revolution in the modern Russian Federation is impossible. At the same time, neither 110 million Russians, nor their territory of residence (albeit a reduced one) will disappear anywhere. In the near future, a constant danger will come from the Russian state.
  7. This will objectively require from the collective West, one of the two (along with China) subjects of the emerging bipolar world, constant support for Ukraine in all aspects. Most likely, it will be provided.
  8. Such an understanding of the processes, if widely popularized, may, under certain conditions, affect the public opinion of a part of Russian society that is not ready to make huge physical, economic and moral sacrifices for the interests of a narrow group of Russian security officials (siloviki) obsessed with the idea of their undivided power in a fascist state.
  9. It is recommended to the RF’s citizens, who are not interested in such a development of the situation, to be acquainted with the processes that took place in Germany in the 1930s in details, in order to make decisions regarding their personal life. This will certainly increase their chances of saving their lives, their businesses and their belonging to civilization.


“Mystery of the Bloody MadneZZ. Continuation of the Analysis”


About the Authors:
Volodymyr Shevchenko, ex-Assistant to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Doctor of Philosophy
Andrii Savarets, Chairman of the Center for Digital Economy Development, Lawyer


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