Referendum in Russia and “Eternal Putin”

Review of German-Language Media


European media are closely following the so-called referendum in Russia, which will take place in the near future.

Russia is facing the end of the political season, namely an all-Russia vote for constitutional changes that will allow President V. Putin to remain in office till 2036. Weekly voting begins on June 25 and ends on July 1. The Kremlin is forcibly preparing public opinion on voting for changes to the RF Constitution that will allow V. Putin to remain president.

The Kremlin cannot delay the vote, as the economic losses due to the pandemic are still unknown. The Kremlin leader is in a hurry. He is trying to get as many votes as possible to give the new Constitution sufficient legitimacy. For this end, the military parade in Moscow became a symbol of victory not only over Hitler’s Germany, but also over the coronavirus.

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