Poisoning of Navalny and Stopping the Construction of Nord Stream 2

Exacerbation of the situation in the EU and Germany regarding possible and necessary actions against Russia



German-language media describe the events that, because of Russia, are turning Germany into a center where will be determined future prospects of European and transatlantic unity, the EU and NATO’s capability of countering threats from the Russia. It is about the Kremlin’s brazen destruction of Russian oppositionists and critics. For example, the poisoning of Alexei Navalny could permanently stop the construction of the strategically important for the Kremlin gas pipeline Nord Stream 2.

German Chancellor A. Merkel has so far advocated the construction of this pipeline to gain economic and geopolitical dividends from cooperation with Russia, to turn Germany into a monopolist in the gas market in Europe.

But US President D. Trump strongly opposed Nord Stream 2 and not only threatened but also effectively imposed sanctions on the project participants and related legal entities.

But the outrage of the international community, caused by the proven fact that Russia used the novice class poison on board the plane against A. Navalny, leaves neither D. Trump nor A. Merkel room for maneuver.

Therefore, the German media ask the question: is this gas pipeline so needed by Germany? And is it appropriate, from a moral point of view, to use it?

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