Coronavirus and Political Dynamics in the European Union

Roman Kot

The coronavirus pandemic in the European Union has already surpassed the one that was burning a month ago in China, where Covid-19 was first recorded. This is now a serious capacity test in the extreme situation for the EU leadership in Brussels and for each individual national government. At the same time, it is the largest strength test for the European Union as an institution. And so far, such test results are extremely questionable.

The institutional weakness and lack of unity that manifest themselves in the European Union during the confrontation with the coronavirus give arguments to the opponents of the EU’s further integration. However, such a trend should be expected after the pandemic ends. There is no question of the EU disintegration, but it is hoped that the leadership of a number of EU countries will look for additional opportunities to guarantee their security (in a broad sense). As a result, there will be an inevitable increase in cooperation with China and, dangerously for Ukraine, with Russia.

The article is available in Ukrainian

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