History of Assassination Attempts 1

“How Was the Murder of Stalin and Brezhnev Planned?” TV-show was aired on the ICTV channel in the “Facts of the Week” program. In this show, there is a short fragment of an interview with President of the Independent Analytical Centre for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel”, Doctor of Military Sciences, Lieutenant General Victor Hvozd, dedicated to the analysis of assassination attempts on top state officials.

Victor Hvozd’s comment:

“Dear friends! I often participate in various projects as an expert and commentator on different aspects of intelligence services, national security, geopolitics and related spheres. Typically, from the two hours’ interview, five minutes of comments become part of the final product, and those are taken from the general context of the interview and cut by editors and journalists up to the main theme of the journalistic story. We decided, so to speak, “to let nothing be wasted”, and brushed up these materials by our team and posted them on the YouTube channel of the “Borysfen Intel” Centre. I think that the materials are interesting and useful not only for those who deal with the above-mentioned topics, but also for educational purposes.

So, please, come to our YouTube channel, subscribe, like, and we have a lot of ideas to keep up with this trend.

Therefore, we are submitting our new work to your judgment. We will be grateful for your comments and suggestions”.

Here is the video of the unabridged version of the interview.

Part 1. “Assassination attempt on Brezhnev”.

Watch the interview (in Ukrainian):

To be continued…

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