Who Will Be Determining Europe’s Strategic Interests?

The era of Europe’s innocence has run to its end. It is high time for it to grow up in its foreign policy


Serhiy Polyovyk

The dynamics of the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in European countries shows that the democratic principles of government, traditional EU norms and rules of conduct are not always effective or appropriate. And the rigid centralized control of the state apparatus in closed authoritarian societies, in particular in China, Russia, and North Korea, has proven not to be democratic, but significantly more effective than in European states. This can be seen as an example of how Europe is covered by a coronavirus pandemic. Countries are currently concerned with internal problems, leaving Brussels in disregard.

The EU is gradually becoming aware that member states’ foreign policies, as well as efforts to consolidate a common foreign policy, are currently ineffective and do not respond to current challenges. Numerous crises on the outskirts of Europe are forcing the EU to create and develop its own independent foreign policy. To achieve a success, Europe needs a new style of European policy.

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