Belarus at a Geopolitical Crossroads

The situation in Belarus: What Scenario will Russia Develop?



The current events in Belarus, which today are more similar to the frontline, were discussed at an event organized with the participation of the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center, the Center for Ukrainian Strategic Studies and the Belarusian Information Center. The theme was “The Situation in Belarus: What Scenario will Russia Develop?”. The Belarusian opposition was represented, in particular, by Alena Tolstaya from the Solidarity Movement “Razam”, who directly complemented her Belarusian colleagues from Minsk via Skype. They were Serhiy Sys from the Belarusian Human Rights Center “Vesna” and Valery Kalinovsky, a journalist from the Belarus Service of Radio Liberty.

As the event was not only about how Belarusians are trying to defend the right to a fair president election and have been taking to the streets of Belarusian cities for almost two weeks, demonstrating their rejection of the announced voting results, but also about the secret participation of Russians in such events, their impact on the mentioned elections. The organizers of the event invited to the speech experts familiar with the information wars taking place according to Russian scenarios. One of such specialists is Victor Hvozd, Doctor of Military Sciences, President of the Independent Analytical Centre for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel”.

Addressing the audience, V. Hvozd pointed out that today’s Russia seeks to restore its influence in former Soviet republics. And he told how its leadership is trying to do it, what it can eventually lead to, if the peoples of the newly formed states do not resist. V. Hvozd supported his views on the Belarusian events with concrete examples from his practical activity and meaningful conclusions and answered the questions of the present. The participants of the event were especially interested in the attitude of Ukrainian security services to the arrest of Wagner’s mercenaries in Minsk, scenarios under which the so-called Belarusian law enforcement agencies can act, which should not disregard the current legislation in their confrontation with fellow citizens when they demand fair presidential elections.

You to get acquainted with V. Hvozd’s speech at the briefing at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center themed “The Situation in Belarus: What Scenario will Russia Develop?” (in Ukrainian):




Photos and videos by Volodymyr Rayevskyi


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