The Covid-19 Pandemic Has Stepped Up the Efforts to Implement Mass Surveillance

Peculiarities of the Austrian Identification System


Serhiy Polyovyk

The coronavirus epidemic in the world, and especially in Europe, has not affected the countries’ special services’ work on total control of population. But it is the Covid-19 pandemic that has stepped up activities to implement such controls through appropriate electronic databases. In European countries, public authorities and special services establish total control over the movement of members of society within the territory of the country and beyond. Human rights violations, ignoring international norms and national legislation are still pending. This process is simply perceived, so to speak, by default, that is, as the need to adhere to such norms in order to eliminate obvious or potential threats to society.

In countries with totalitarian regimes, such as China or Russia, the ruling circles use such systems categorically. This is the only way to retain power and control society in a time of force majeure, such as coronavirus.

But modern democracies in Europe are inferior to the promptness of autocratic regimes because of their slowness, administrative and political slackness. Although the sprouts of European totalitarian governments, such as those that can be seen today in Italy, Hungary or Poland, can even pose a geopolitical threat to the continent as they stimulate the development of centrifugal forces.

The pandemic of coronavirus that has engulfed the planet will end some day. But technological advances, initiated and intensified during the pandemic, will enter the lives of societies and the lives of their individual representatives. It has not yet been determined in what forms and what content, but they will play a serious role in society.

…The pandemic of coronavirus has become a kind of catalyst for geopolitical change as a result of the problems accumulated in the modern world over the past decades…

In general, the new bipolar world, led by the United States and China, with Russia, which is stagnant and at the same time trying to destabilize everything around it, will inevitably change priorities. This world will certainly take on a new configuration.

The geopolitical player-subject — the European Union, to which Ukraine for a long time has been trying to come closer, will also change structurally. Most likely, it will differ from its current structure in terms of form and composition, and in its content and ideology. NATO’s new structure and mission will be different too.

It is obvious that geopolitical changes are inevitable. And this is confirmed by the pandemic of coronavirus, which has become a kind of catalyst for geopolitical change as a result of the problems accumulated in the modern world over the past decades.

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