What and Why? or How Should We Proceed?

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V. Shvets, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor


“Moskal’s Soul” – is the title of one of the articles by the main ideologist of Ukrainian integral nationalism Dmytro Dontsov. While Taras Shevchenko is a prophet of the Ukrainian nation, Dmytro Dontsov safely can be considered the greatest among many apostles of the modern Ukrainian national faith. It was he who shaped the leading ideas of Ukrainian nationalism into accurate, well-aimed, almost mathematical definitions.

For two long years, we have war in the East of Ukraine. We also have lost a part of our territory in the South of Ukraine. How can one call what is happening? Why did it happen and why is it happening? How long will it continue?

If the name is wrong, then the word misses the target. If the word does not hit the target, you cannot do anything right. If nothing can be done right, the rituals become erratic, and the punishment does not meet the crime. When the punishment does not meet the crime, no one knows in what world one is. Therefore, if someone is up to something, he has to explain his plan. Where people are united by a language, accuracy is crucial. Do not leave anything that could give rise to misinterpretation (Confucius).

We are told that what is happening is called the anti-terrorist operation (ATO). This definition does not deserve a comment.

To raise a rebellion against an exhausted force is very much like Moskals (Muskovite). But their natural state is to be the slaves of a true force. Where such a force appears before them, they fall to their knees in front of their ruler, like Peter I or Stalin, when he is like a Tatar khan. They kneel and repent. But they attack and bite to death others” (Dontsov).

What are options of Putin’s actions?

– Only to keep raising the stakes in the game, which he has started. Raising until a further increase is impossible. His victory is inevitable, if we do not realize that he’s bluffing, and withdraw from the race. His collapse is equally inevitable if his bluff becomes entirely understood. The worst thing for him – to show weakness in front of his people. He knows this well. He belongs to his people. Look attentively at him from the front and in profile.

Putin is often called a dictator. I see this message as an attempt to shift responsibility for everything onto one person. The main feature of every dictator is not some inner superpower. It is his ability to become a spokesman for the hopes of the masses. To be able to tell people what they want to hear. To be able to do what the people want to see. To be able to give a dream, for which his people would go to great sacrifices. In my opinion, for the dictatorship is responsible not a dictator, but the people. We do not fight against Putin, and not because of Putin. The latter simply does everything to please his people.

It is appropriate to quote here Tsar Nicholas I: Despotism still exists in Russia, because it is the basis of my rule, but this despotism is agreed with the nation“.

The Executioner, Ivan IV was on the throne, but Ivan VI, a loser and a weak Tsar, was strangled in a cell, like a rat. Peter I strangled anybody he chose to, but a klutz, Peter III, was thrown from his throne and also strangled… Hard Nikolay I had hang all the rebels“, but rebels shot to death the weak Nicholas II“. (D. Dontsov).

I will put in my two pennies here. I’m not a big supporter of M. Khrushchev. But it was he who opened wide the camps. And began to mass-build housing. He turned the peasants into citizens having provided them with passports. He had done a lot for the country’s democratization. Have you ever heard at least one grateful word about him from at least one Moskal? I haven’t. Stalin created the GULAG. Destroyed tens of millions of people. Turned peasants, once free people, into not even serfs, but into true slaves. He dragged the country into unprecedented war losses. Have you ever met Moskals with portraits of Stalin? So have I. We are at war with Moskals, but not with each separately, but with their collective unconscious – the soul, the personification of which is their state – Muscovy. This war is a war between Muscovy and the Ukrainian state.

It is this mentality of the Muskovites that the West cannot understand. Though it can be read even in the face of every ordinary russkava chelaveka” (Russian mantranslater): On that face there is something inconspicuous, indefinite, undecided. You never know what he will do in a minute: will kiss your hand or tear at your throat. Because he himself does not know it, eyeing: if you are a sheep – he will rush at you, if you are a wolf – he will chicken out“. (Dontsov).

Did we not lose our Crimea in such time of maximum attenuation of our state institutions of Ukraine? Why first the Crimea? Because the percentage of Moskals in the peninsula is more than 50 %. Why did the front line in the Donbas stopped where it stopped? Because there are more than 50 % Moskals on the other side of the front line.


Oleksiy ZavodyukHere I am giving the floor to Oleksiy Zavodyuk – a native of the Donbas:

Why is Donbas so strongly against Ukraine?

Ukraine as a free country is absolutely unacceptable for Donbas.

In the Donbas they hate the Ukrainian language not as a language, but as an idea. It’s not the language that matters, it is  the values ​​that are put into it. Ideologically the Ukrainian language is the language of freedom, while the Russian language as Russians understand it – is the language of sausage. Donbas has its own vision of how to live:

1. Freedom in exchange for sausage.

2. Authorities steal – this is neither good, nor bad. It’s just reality. Moreover, the ability to steal is lumpen’s chance to jump out of the swamp to riches quickly and effortlessly.

We cannot persuade these people, because their choice is fully conscious and rational.

They understand that they will not enjoy freedom, democracy, or the European choice. Therefore, all this is discarded as trash.

Bearing  with the Donbas after the war will not work, because these people will hate Ukraine, because we did not give them the opportunity to live as they wish.

But this war is not against the Donbas, but against thieves, feudal Sov (Soviet citizens, Soviet ways), the production of which is the Donbas“.

Is this true about the Donbas alone? The above-mentioned quote does not contain the term “nationality”, – using “Sov” instead. Strange as it might seem, but concentration of the “Sov” in Ukraine somehow coincides with the concentration of “Moskals”. Perhaps we should become courageous to honestly admit that the “Moskal”, for historical reasons, is the best personification of the “Sov” in its entirety.


It is appropriate to refer to the prominent Russian philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev:

The Bolsheviks’ victory in Moscovshchina ([word-for-word: Moscow land] Russia) is not accidental. This is creation of Mowcow’s national spirit, the creation of the Muskovite’s soul. Bolshevism is just the outward manifestation of everything that rages in the soul of every Muskovite. Bolshevism is the natural synthesis of Ivan IV (the Terrible) with Karl Marx“.


Or let’s quote the great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevskiy:

Social disasters and terrorism, fallings into the spiritual abyss, forced fair redistribution, in which rude wickedness and robbery rule, is in the nature of the Russian soul, it can’t do without them, they are needed by both, an individual and the whole nation“.


Here is what the Russian writer and revolutionary Aleksandr Gertsen said:

If our Moscow Socialists once take over the state power, by their butchery they will far overweigh the Tsarist secret police“.

Such quoting could go on and on, but that’s enough. The soul of a Muskovite before 1917 had been pacified by the imperial power that had not been Muskovian, but most likely German by origin, culture, the inner circle of the imperial family, the composition of the elite of that time. 1917 was a turning point. It was really a people’s revolution. The previous elite, along with the middle class, was killed or displaced abroad. Power now belonged to representatives of the masses, especially of the poorest and most uneducated ones and mainly – from Muscovy. Since democracy is the rule of the people, the Soviet Union of Stalin’s era was the most democratic country in the world. So why, then, that regime’s’ pathological cruelty?


For the answer, you can turn to the Russian writer Maksim Gorkiy:

“I think the most striking feature of the Moscow national character is cruelty. Here I mean not exceptions, but the mass psychology, the people’s soul, mass cruelty, with its diabolical ingenuity, with its, I would say, aesthetic refinement“.

We have become accustomed, that democracy is a multi-party system and all other freedoms. But this democracy is creation of a society with a strong middle class. It exists where there is a middle class. Where the vast majority of the population is impoverished and uneducated, there is only democracy of Bolshevism, unmatched by mass support. So let’s be careful with democracy. It may be different. Changes for the better in the Soviet Union took place, beginning since M. Khrushchev’s times, in the course of formation of a new middle class of the Soviet type.


How should we proceed? Let’s return to the classic.

Full fearlessness, absolute, one hundred percent denial of everything Moscow’s, the same absolute affirmation (statement) of the truth – only this way we will prostrate Moscow first in our heart, and then in our, not our land“. (Dontsov).

Another quote:

Peter I said about this rebellion of the people-slave: “…And this Saryn (“rabble”, “poor”, “slave”,”lumpen”) can be pacified only by cruelty“.  Peter I did know his people“. (Dontsov).

When asked why there are all these tragic events, in the center of which Ukraine found itself, the answer is  in the title of the article by Dmytro Dontsov. This answer  is in the sphere of the irrational – because of the “mysterious  soul” of a Moskvin (Muskovite).

Do not be afraid of changes. Most often they occur, when needed”. (Confucius).

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