Ukraine from the Eyes of Europeans

When Will Homo Sovieticus Disappear in Ukraine?

Serhiy Polyovyk

Ukraine is now in a struggle for liberation from the Soviet swamp. Crucial for it is forming the self-identity of Ukrainian citizens, determining national priorities for the development of the country and its citizens, and willingness to defend their national values. No political ambitions of old and new political parties, with their discredited or corrupt leaders can guarantee construction of a new Ukraine for Ukrainians without their participation. And, most importantly, ensuring the desire to live in their own prosperous, promising for themselves and their descendants country, rather than leaving it for come-down work abroad. No geopolitical advantages of Ukraine will be realized unless Ukrainians themselves so wish.

And this is why one of the main tasks of Ukrainians is their mental liberation from Soviet slavery, changing the paradigm of the existence of the individual in the society, and the existence and mission of the Ukrainian society in the system of European and world geopolitical values.

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