Metamorphosis of the Great Politics In and Around Syria

Today, the probability of the beginning of an operation in Idlib is rather small. The decision to cancel it was caused by the firm position of the United States, a number of Western countries and Turkey, which, in view of its national interests, was the first of the three allies (Russia, Turkey, Iran) to oppose the operation in Idlib. Washington strengthened its position, threatening with actions in response, with military ones included.

Washington’s tough position on Russia, Turkey and Iran made them create an alliance, which is largely situational, for solving tactical tasks. It is now difficult to predict if it will remain in its present form or will develop into a strategic partnership. The member- countries of this alliance have a lot in common, but there are also many disagreements and distrust among them. They pursue, first of all, their own national or business interests (as in the case of Russia), and even betray their allies (as did the same Moscow, towards Turkey and Iran).

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