The Middle East and North Africa. Analytical Review 05/2018

Oleksiy Volovych

The Military-Political and Economic Situation in May 2018


In May 2018, the military-political situation in the Middle East and North Africa remained tense. We offer readers a review of some of the events and processes that took place in May 2018 in Syria, Turkey, Israel, Iraq and Iran with the participation of the United States and Russia. In our view, the confrontation between the United States and Russia in the Middle East in general, and in Syria in particular, is substantially increasing, which leads to weakening of the opportunities for a peaceful settlement of the many years old of conflict in that country. The long suffering Syria has become a scene of a proxy war between the United States and the Russian Federation, which, on the other hand, demonstrates both the helplessness and incapability of the United Nations and the aforementioned states’ ignoring international law. Unfortunately, in today’s world, the rule of force more and more prevails over the force of law, which leads to a dangerous rise in conflictogenity in the 21st century, both in the Middle East and in other regions of the world.

The article is available in Ukrainian


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