Iran: Tehran’s Nuclear Choice

Vadym Volokhov

June 4, 2018 Supreme Leader of IRI Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made a resonant statement, the essence of which is that Iran is restoring its nuclear program.

According to the Iranian Mehr News agency, Ayatollah A. Khamenei stressed that Iran would continue to support the oppressed nations, especially the Palestinian, resistance forces in the region and the integrity of the countries of the Middle East region.

Tehran has made its move. In fact, this means that Iran has withdrawn from the “nuclear deal”, as Washington did, and now the participation of Moscow and the EU in the JCPOA has no point.

Thus, Iran’s withdrawal from the JCPOA carries a real threat of further aggravation of the military-political situation in the Middle East. More specifically, it threatens Iran with the loss of control in the Shiite corridor and a split of the Shia unity between Iraq and Iran.

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