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Events Review (21.05–27.05.2018)


I. Major Events and Trends in the Development of the Situation In and Around China

One of the main directions of China’s efforts to strengthen its positions in the world remains the country’s participation in the work of influential international organizations.

May 20–21, 2018, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the G20 meeting in Buenos Aires (Argentina), where he spoke on the role of the G20 in building a new system of international relations, based on principles that allow each country to enjoy equal privileges in relations with all partners.

According to Wang Yi, the G20 is an example of the practical implementation of such a mechanism, which signifies a great progress in the formation of a global governance system in the world. According to the head of the Foreign Ministry of the People’s Republic of China, this creates a new platform for macro-political coordination of efforts of countries and regions in the interests of providing strategic security, the growth of the world economy, as well as the formation of a human community of common destiny and interests.

Besides, Wang Yi emphasized the importance of other international institutions, including the UN as the cornerstones of modern multilateral formats for addressing global and regional issues, as well as the World Trade Organization as a multilateral and mutually beneficial trading system. At the same time, he confirmed the immutability of the aspirations of the People’s Republic of China to protect peace throughout the planet, contributing to global development and ensuring international order.

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