Confrontation Between the USA and China Over the Epidemic

The Western media about overcoming the epidemic and its geopolitical consequences


Serhiy Polyovyk

Global consequences of the coronavirus are still anybody’s guess, and are only predicted by state or independent analytical centres. But it is already clear that values are changing dramatically in human society. And it will have to adapt to new conditions. Changes will affect not only medicine, but also ecology, economy, on which in the future will depend existence of the human race and its interaction with the environment. However, even now, when the epidemic in China is somewhat curtailed, and in other regions of the world, where it is still in its midst, when due to the lack of drugs, the patients are still dying because medicine simply cannot cope with the disaster, one can observe the attempts… to appoint those responsible for the epidemic.

It is becoming more and more evident, and now not only to professionals, that the modern elites need to form new thinking. Considering the classics of geopolitics about the existence of the world as a single living organism, relevant is Darwin’s theory that the struggle for existence and natural selection are the main driving forces (factors) of the evolution of all living beings. There is also a clear statement that we need to change and adapt to the latest threats. Unwillingness, inability or misunderstanding of such a necessity will inevitably lead to a fatal consequence. “Change or die” is the slogan that is on time.

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