Coordinated Annual Review on Defence as a Joint European Defense Planning

The EU’s Military Cooperation Is Reaching a New Level



The leaders of the European Union and the EU member states are adequately responding to the changes in the strategic transatlantic partnership caused by the significant distancing of the United States from the EU’s problems. The new bodies and tools for security and defense coordination between the leading EU countries have become a response to US President Donald Trump’s demands to the EU. D. Trump made it clear to Europeans that they should take care of their security and defense on their own. It will soon be clear whether Washington will change its priorities towards NATO after the new president comes into the White House.

Changing geopolitical priorities due to changes in US leadership with the arrival of President Joe Biden will not prevent further improvement of the EU’s collective security system through the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), the Coordinated Annual Review on Defense (CARD) and the European Defense Fund (EDF). It is believed that the integrated use of the capabilities of each of the EU countries for the sake of common interests related to collective security will affect the geopolitical weight of the EU as one of the leading international players on the world map.

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