Who Is Afraid of the BND?

Some Proposals of the Former President of the Federal Intelligence Service of Germany



The popular German newspaper Tagesspiegel recently published a review of a new book by former president of the Federal Intelligence Service of Germany Gerhard Schindler, “Who’s Afraid of the BND?” (Wer hat Angst vorm BND?). The book published by Econ Verlag deals with the issues of the German security architecture in the context of modern challenges and threats. The former head of the BND doubts whether the relevant structures are able to guarantee Germany’s security, as too little is being done in Germany today. And advises what exactly and how it has to be done to change this situation for better.

First of all, in his book the author outlines the threats and dangers for Germany. And he does it as an experienced doctor when diagnosing a seriously ill patient.

The author’s 250-page conclusion suggests that Germany needs urgent and serious treatment where it comes to national security. And, above all, mental changes are needed.

The article is available in Ukrainian

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