The International Crisis Group deepens the understanding of the problems associated with Russia’s aggression against Ukraine

September 19, 2022, First Vice President of the Independent Analytical Center “Borysfen Intel” Olexander Bielov took part in a meeting of experts of the National Institute of Strategic Studies and Ukrainian non-governmental organizations (Borysfen Intel Center, Razumkov Center, Crimean Human Rights Group, Ukrainian Center for Peace, International Institute ‘”Actio-Expert”, Ukrainian branch of the Association of International Law) with Program Director for Europe and Central Asia of the International Crisis Group (Brussels) Olga Oliker.


The forum was held under the Chatham House Rule. Given this format, it is only possible to note that all Ukrainian experts, without exception, ‘”armed” Mrs. Oliker with actual assessments, facts of criminal actions of Russian officials and military personnel during the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Experts also emphasized the risks posed by the Putin regime’s policy for peace and stability in Europe and the world as a whole.


The International Crisis Group is an independent, transnational, non-profit organization founded in 1995 to strengthen the international community’s ability to predict, prevent, contain and end armed conflicts.

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