On Russia’s State Terrorism

Victor Hvozd on Radio NV




Viktor Hvozd, Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (2014–2016), Lieutenant General, Doctor of Military Sciences, answering Pavel Novikov and Yulia Petrova’s questions in the New Morning project of Radio NV.

News of Russian spies have filled the world.

Involvement of Russian spies in the explosions in Romania and Bulgaria. Is the unprecedented aggressiveness of diplomatic activity a sign of the beginning of a new Cold War? Russian intelligence is at war with the whole civilized world. The state is behind terrorist acts, so these are acts of state terrorism. Who coordinates and controls terrorist acts?

It took the “Old Europe” lots of time to wake up. Eastern European countries are bridgeheads for Russian intelligence to conduct intelligence operations around the world.

What does such intelligence activity of Russia mean for Ukraine? An intelligence officer may die for the interests of the state, not some politician. We have everyone willing to comment on the work of intelligence, but with all our democracy we need to know the limit — what can be spoken on and what — not.


Victor Hvozd on Radio NV (in Ukrainian):


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