The Current International Security System Is No Longer Working

Victor Hvozd on UKRLIFE.TV




On air with UKRLIFE.TV — Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine in 2014–2016, Doctor of Military Sciences, Lieutenant General Victor Hvozd.

Victor Hvozd shared with the audience his view on the nature of modern international relations:

  • To what extent the situation in the Donbas can affect world geopolitics, and how much world geopolitics can affect the situation in the Donbas.
  • The situation in Donetsk and Luhansk, Crimea — can become such triggers that affect the world geopolitical situation.
  • The situation around Taiwan is also quite difficult. Syria, the Middle East in general — the issues are also unresolved.
  • “A concert of Powers for the Global Era”. The world today believes that it is urgent to sit down at the negotiating table.
  • The meeting with Chinese officials in Anchorage was the first for the Biden administration.

The interview was conducted by Lyudmyla Nemyria.


The interview with Victor Hvozd on UKRLIFE.TV (in Ukrainian):


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