V. Zelenskyi’s Baltic Tour

The results of the Ukrainian President’s visits to Estonia and Lithuania


Roman Kot

The Baltic countries, namely Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, cannot be considered the most influential in the European Union. But they have always been and remain those who can be called the most reliable advocates of Kyiv in the international arena, and who have positive experience in adapting their political and economic systems to EU regulations. It was on these two directions that the two-day visit of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi to Estonia and Lithuania was focused. However, the reasons and directions of Kyiv’s interaction with Tallinn and Vilnius are somewhat different.

Despite all the practical results of the visits of the President of Ukraine, the Baltic states are still concerned about the strategic ambiguity of the position of the new Ukrainian authorities against the background of future talks with Russia in the Normandy Format. And without any clarity on this point, any efforts by Ukraine’s partners to maintain the anti-Russian consensus in the EU and NATO will remain ineffective.

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