On the Constitutional Court, Combined Arms Command Schools in the USSR and Beyond

Interview with Victor Hvozd on ICTV



In his recent interview with ICTV, President of the “Borysfen Intel” Center Victor Hvozd, spoke about one of the latest decisions of the Constitutional Court of on declaration of the assets of our citizens. However, it is not so much the matter of the content of the decision, which was ambiguously perceived by our society, as the fact that one of the members of this court in Soviet times studied at a combined arms military school, where current Russian military officers also received diplomas and now perform the tasks of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Since the program prepared by journalists on this topic has aroused some interest among viewers, it is worth finding out exactly what V. Hvozd thinks about this. Mind you, not about this TV programme, but about the interpretation of some facts, about their careful choosing and, in general, about the professionalism of their targeted presentation to the interested TV audience.

It is not for nothing that the conversation went beyond the aforementioned fact about studying at a military school and raised other topical issues or even events that cannot be considered ordinary.

For example, the process of lustration, as a result of which real specialists had to resign from our government positions only because they were educated in former Soviet educational institutions. Is it unreasonable to distrust intelligence professionals, whose training takes more than a decade…

In a word, the interview is about this and other issues that should not be ignored or left without explanation. Because otherwise our society will have to feel losses all the time. And not only moral ones.


Watch the full interview with Victor Hvozd on ICTV (in Ukrainian):


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