Short time ago, President and CEO of the “INGEPO Consulting Company” Corneliu Pivariu again visited Kyiv

Within the framework of bilateral cooperation between the Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel” and the “INGEPO Consulting Company” Analytical Center (Romania), the President and CEO of this Romanian Center Corneliu Pivariu, a short time ago again visited Kyiv.

The common themes to be analyzed by the Centers are numerous today. In particular, to deepen cooperation, already lasting for more than three years, in order to provide objective assessments of those events that have been going on for quite a few years already in the East of Ukraine and in the annexed Crimea. Of course, the issue of regional security, Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, whose path to joining Europe turned out to be so difficult and who has to resolve problems objectively much more complicated than those that in its time Romania was resolving.

Taking into consideration the experience gained in the bilateral cooperation of the Centers, their leaders — V. Hvozd and C. Pivariu — specified the implementation of their work plans. In particular, V. Hvozd told about the prospects for further work of the analytical center “Borysfen Intel”, about its printed publication — the “BINTEL” Geopolitical Analytics Journal, into the content of which the Romanian colleague has been looking since its very first issue. And, as the CEO of the “INGEPO Consulting Company”, C. Pivariu, who, in turn, showed his Centre’s publications in print, told about the approaches to choosing the themes of analytical materials and the respective public response to them.

During the friendly communication, the leaders also discussed the tasks of the “Borysfen Intel” Center and the Institute of Artificial Intelligence, the future of partnership relations and the conditions for further cooperation. They also exchanged samples of printed products — books and collections containing geopolitical materials.

It should be noted that today such cooperation is considered to be extremely important, since the produced material allows to objectively assess everything that is going on not only in Ukraine or Romania, but also in Europe or even in the world. Such approaches have long been recognized in those countries that are now considered to be advanced in their socio-economic, political development.

What prevents us from taking such an experience and, after comprehensive analysis, to use it in state-building? This was also voiced in communicating with our Romanian colleague at the Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel”.


Photos by V. Rayevskyi


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