Our website is resuming its work

After a short break, “Borysfen Intel” is resuming its work. Sadly, this is happening against the background of another complication of the military and political situation around Ukraine and of the growing military threats to our State due to Russia’s preparation for the “West-2017” strategic command post exercise.

Given the openly aggressive nature of Moscow’s neo-imperial policy, as well as the Putin regime’s irresponsibility and unpredictability, the exercise can be used by Russia both to expand the scale of the armed aggression against Ukraine and to attack the Baltic states.

All this calls for special attention to the Russian Federation’s actions in the military sphere on the Ukrainian and neighboring directions. Taking into consideration the above-mentioned circumstances, “Borysfen Intel” starts a new season with an analytical assessment of the peculiarities of the preparation and conduct of the “West-2017” SCPE, as well as the possible consequences for Ukraine.

President of the “Borysfen Intel” Centre Victor Hvozd

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