“BINTEL” Geopolitical Analytics Journal, Issue 1, 2017


2017’s first issue of “Bintel” continues the subject of previous journal publications, studying the current geopolitical problems of both Ukraine and individual regions of the world, events in which, one way or another, affect our today’s being.

These include, in particular, the Middle and Far East, North America and Europe, as well as military operations in the ATO zone, which are in the field of vision of all patriotic citizens of our state.

To see this, you can look through the journal’s pages and slowly read the thoughts of the authors.

Here is the content of “Bintel”’s Issue 1, 2017:

1. Yuriy Radkovets, “Lessons of Russia’s “Hybrid War” against Ukraine–2: Geopolitical Dimension”
  2. Volodymyr Ohryzko, “The Western World Has at Last Realized that Russia Is a Real Aggressor”
  3. Myroslav Dnistryanskyi, “Will the Ukrainian State Be Able to Adequately Respond to Regional-Political Challenges?”
  4. Oleksiy Volovych, “Prospects for US President Donald Trump’s Middle East Policy”
  5. Ivan Sichen, “Results of the Munich Security Conference in the Context of Ukraine’s National Interests”
  6. Valeriy Shvets, “Why Donald Trump?”


Some authors of the articles are already well known to the readers from publications in previous issues of the magazine, so the more interesting will be a new meeting with them. A known diplomat and politician Volodymyr Ohryzko for the first time agreed to an interview with us, and the Centre’s team is grateful to him for this. And so will be our readers, reading his answers to the questions asked. To make sure it is true, just read a briefed version of the interview on the website of “Borysfen Intel”.


The journal is published in Ukrainian and English and is not duplicated on the website
of the Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel”.

You can buy a printed copy of the journal or electronic PDF-version:

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