A New Project of “Borysfen Intel” Centre

Taking into consideration the urgency and critical importance of the topic of comprehensive relationship between two independent European states — Ukraine and FRG, especiallyat the present stage of historical development of Europe, the Independent Analytical Centre for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel” launches a new information-analytical project “Ukrainian-German Relations: Yesterday and Today, Myths and the Truth”.

Within the framework of this project, among other things, will be published informational, information-analytical and information-forecast materials about: historical aspects of relations between Ukraine and Germany; FRG’s geostrategic role and position in the modern system of European and global security; peculiarities of Germany’s policy and practice in relation to today and the prospects of Ukraine; the main directions of cooperation between the two countries in political, trade-economic, scientific-research, security and other spheres; mechanisms and instruments of Russia’s “hybrid” policy aimed at countering Germany’s policy in the European Union, NATO and undermining the position of the ruling Christian Democrat party (bloc CDU/CSU) led by the current Chancellor Angela Merkel, etc.

The aim of this project is to widely inform the public, and it is focused both on Ukrainian and foreign (especially German) audience, including the Ukrainian diaspora and the Ukrainian-and Russian-speaking readers who need urgent and objective information on these issues.

The Center’s works on these questions are also meant for a wide range of potential foreign investors and businessmen (including from Germany) in terms of their deep acquaintance with the real situation both, in Ukraine in general, and around it in particular.

In this context, “Borysfen Intel” Center is going to cooperate with all interested governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations, foundations, corporations and individuals both in Ukraine and abroad, and especially in Germany.

We are grateful in advance for constructive suggestions concerning fruitful development and business content of the Centre’s new project.

In the new project, we represent the article by the Vice President of the Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel” Yuriy Radkovets, “Geopolitical Bases of Germany’s Policy towards Ukraine: Yesterday and Today”.

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