Austria and the EU Are Going to Create Centers for Illegal Migrants

Serhiy Polyovyk

…The Austrian leadership’s announced intention to resolve the EU’s problem with refugees at the expense of a so far not named neighboring country could mean that the role of such a rescuer will be offered to Ukraine.

Of course, a non-EU member state, which would be willing to take responsibility for the construction of centers for illegal immigrants and resolving their further fate, should expect appropriate compensation from the EU. For Ukraine, this could mean a significant additional burden on central and local budgets, infrastructure, social standards, etc. Obviously, the compensators should be adequate, and Ukraine’s role in this case is special — as that of the EU’s partner who will count on specific preferences in the future.

It is advisable now to determine whether or not to agree to such a proposal to be a receiving country for illegal immigration flows from all over Europe. But will such an agreement not be an automatic prohibition or an obstacle to Ukraine’s accession to the EU? After all, we will become a country with the corresponding obligations of the non-EU country!

As we see, the peculiarities of Ukraine’s geopolitical position have both advantages and disadvantages. And in this case, we will get tangible problems from the geopolitical neighborhood with the EU and the troublesome prospect of further coexistence. Resolving such difficult tasks will depend on to what extent the Ukrainian government is ready to work professionally.

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