14.02.2017 New project: “The Middle East and North Africa. Analytical Review”

A New Project of “Borysfen Intel” Centre


Review of the military and political situation in the Middle East


Taking into consideration the dramatic events in the Middle East taking place there after 2011, which significantly affect the politics, economics, security and stability of many countries of the world, including Europe, the Independent Analytical Centre for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel” begins in 2017 a new information-analytical project — a monthly review of the military-political situation and the most resonant political and economic events and processes in the Middle East.

In addition to these monthly reviews, we are going to prepare summary information on most important and promising economic and energy projects in the Middle East, in the implementation of which could participate Ukraine. Besides, the Centre is planning to publish materials on issues of bilateral political and economic cooperation between Ukraine and the Middle Eastern countries.

Within the framework of the project, there will be constructive contacts with leading Ukrainian and foreign diplomats, as well as scientists, businessmen and other professionals in various spheres, with relevant experience of work in Middle Eastern countries. In this context, the “Borysfen Intel” Centre is ready to cooperate with all relevant governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations, foundations, entities and persons both in Ukraine and abroad.

The Center invites Ukrainian and foreign experts and scientists-orientalists to participate in this project and will be grateful for constructive proposals and recommendations for its implementation.

We are offering to your attention the first analytical review of the military-political situation in some countries of the Middle East in January 2017 prepared by a leading expert of the Center, known in Ukraine Arabist, Ph.D in History, Oleksiy Volovych.

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