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Events Review (23.07–29.07.2018)


ІІІ. Other Trends and Developments Influencing the Situation In and Around China

3.1. Politics. Development of the PRC’s International Cooperation

Against the backdrop of deepening trade and economic disputes between China and the USA, the parties’ relations are worsening also in other spheres. July 25, 2018, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called China the USA’s “the main rival” before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Congress. At this, he expressed concern about China’s growing power, as well as its achievements in the sphere of military, information and other technologies.

July 25, 2018, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo testifies before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee
July 25, 2018, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo testifies before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee

At the same time, the report of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence of the United States points out the continuation of China’s active actions to gain access to closed information from US government agencies and private companies. According to the document, China first of all is interested in modern technologies in defense and telecommunications, as well as in issues related to the USA’s foreign trade. To obtain such data, the PRC is widely using the cyberspace.

China's Strategic Goals (Office of the Director of National Intelligence)
China’s Strategic Goals (Office of the Director of National Intelligence)

In turn, last week, the Foreign Ministry of China urged Washington to remove from the draft bill of US “National Defense Authorization Act” all the negative provisions that affect China’s interests. In particular, this concerns plans for strengthening US-Taiwan defense relations, as well as statements about China’s “coercive activities” in the South China Sea. According to the Foreign Ministry of China, if the above-mentioned provisions are approved and come into force, this will seriously damage the Sino-US interactions, exchanges and co-operation. So, the emphasis was placed on the need for the United States to give up the “Cold War” mentality, as well as strong-arm approaches in international relations.

Besides, the Chinese Foreign Ministry once again accused the United States of starting trade wars, which cause damage to all parties, as well as undermine the welfare of ordinary people. In particular, in this regard, they pointed out the economic losses of American farmers as a result of China’s measures in response to the introduction of additional customs duties on imports of Chinese products. The Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed hope that Washington would not take further steps on the “wrong path”.

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