On the Possible Deployment of China’s Missile Systems in the South China Sea

Serhiy Polyovyk

Western media reports that China is deploying missile complexes in one of the most disputable regions of the world. According to the data, the deployed on some reefs of the of Spratly (Nansha) archipelago, these anti-ship missile systems and air defense systems can pose a threat to surface and airborne targets.

The information provided shows that China has own geopolitical interests in the South China Sea region, in particular those regarding the protection of the most important maritime trade routes, and the Chinese PLA’s military abilities to defend their own interests in the region.

The controlled “leakage of information” from the Pentagon and US intelligence services also means the continued monitoring of China’s actions in the region, the USA’s willingness to protect its own interests and, if necessary, to respond to changes in the geopolitical situation.

 The article is available in Ukrainian


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