Not the status of denuclearization and Russian gas, but the nuclear power industry is a danger for Ukraine

It is already clear that the Russian Federation has not fulfilled its promises, in particular, on the Budapest Memorandum of 1994, which guaranteed the territorial integrity of Ukraine in return for its voluntary renunciation of nuclear arsenal. In other words, Ukraine now has the full right to position itself as “set up” by the Russian Federation and to require help from other guarantors — the USA, the UK, the signatory countries.

Moreover, from now on it is obvious that not a single Kremlin’s signature can be trusted (it was clear, especially after the official Moscow in 1991 overnight transferred to its accounts almost all the savings of Ukrainian citizens, and its “fifth column” deliberately kept silent about this fact).

And today, no one has the moral right to blame Ukraine for having declared off the joint with the Russian Federation documents or those written with the RF’s participation.

So, the Kremlin may be perceived as a very insecure side when signing up with it any two — or multilateral agreements, contracts, including those relating to armaments, nuclear power or gas. With the current actually military situation, Ukraine should be guided by this in the first turn and only profitably interpret any agreements, contracts and the like, in which the Kremlin is involved.

Within two to three years with difficulties caused by the lack of electricity, we can cope. But in this period, it is necessary to be fully prepared for them

We, Ukrainians should prepare for the worst scenario: military actions and complete economic isolation of the Russian Federation. If the situation turns out better — good. But for the worst we still need to be ready! And to behave in accordance with the requirements of wartime!

We must not forget that apart from the annexation of a certain part of the Ukrainian territory as a result of the Crimean armed aggression of Russians, Ukraine has one more, to put it mildly, nuisance — its huge dependence on the Russian federation in the gas and nuclear power industries.


Now about gas.

Lately, Ukraine has been consuming within one year 50-60 billion cubic meters of natural gas. Approximately 17-18 billion go directly to the needs of residents of gasified (within the Soviet mentality) settlements, and about 7-8 billion go to generation of heat and other services for the population.


Gas consumption in Ukraine during 2008-2013
Gas consumption in Ukraine during 2008-2013


Consequently, the population directly and indirectly now consumes at least 25 billion cubic meters of gas. Within six-seven months in the current, almost military situation, we can safely reduce this consumption not more than by 1 billion cubic meters, that is just a little bit, and bring this figure up to 24 billion cubic meters (actually, without additional “pressure” on the citizens).

The rest, i.e. 25-35 billion cubic meters of gas, “eats” the Ukrainian economy. Among the largest consumers in the economy are metallurgical and chemical enterprises whose products are in demand mainly at international markets, depending on their state of affairs.

For comparison, illustrative is the example of Poland (the country commensurate with our state in terms of population and area, once had a similar structure of the economy to the one of the Ukrainian SSR), which consumes over a year 14 to 16 billion cubic meters of gas, has a GDP three times as large as ours.

Of course, the main task of Ukraine, which for almost 23 years did not dare to do this, — is to reduce gas consumption to a reasonable level. And this is possible only if we undertake a system reforming of the entire Ukrainian economy, the structure of which today, unfortunately, is basically the same as in the days of the USSR. Of course, Ukraine needs to do the following: to modernize the economy; to redirect its separate branches, workers, engineers; to begin the development of new economic sectors and so on. But honestly, a substantial reduction in consumption takes some time. Not one or two years, but, unfortunately, much more! And the sooner this is done, the sooner in the future we will be able to give up imports. Pay attention: “in the future!”

But the current temporary Ukrainian authorities have to take measures already today.

In fact, being in a state of war with Russia, and in certain other circumstances, prior to this, Ukraine needs immediately completely abandon the Russian gas imports.

It may not do it, of course. But then it would not mean that Russia will not create any special conditions for Ukraine, which will make it impossible to import Russian gas exactly at an unexpected moment for us.

A natural question arises: is it possible to do without Russian natural gas imports at all? The answer is simple: yes! We’ll manage, especially if instead of Russian gas from the east we will provide ourselves with a true alternative from the west. A technical possibility for this is available.


Forecast of production of natural gas in Ukraine
Forecast of production of natural gas in Ukraine


Today in Ukraine over a year is produced about 20 billion cubic meters of gas. About 5 billion can be imported through Poland and Hungary (relevant documents have been prepared). Up to 30 billion cubic meters of gas is technically possible to import through Slovakia (where estimates differ: from 12 billion, according to politicians, to 30 billion cubic meters — according to engineers who are always more objective than politicians). However, the necessary contract has not been signed yet. But, I think, three times already, referring to the Prime Minister R. Fico, has been voiced the agreement with Slovakia. I am sure that for such an official agreement with Bratislava we should be thankful to the leaderships of both, Slovakia and the EU.


Перспективные пути поставки газа в Украину
Promising ways of gas supplies to Ukraine


Recently, Prime Minister A.Yatsenyuk said that we already have the opportunity today to receive gas from the west (using reverse). Not the necessary 30-40 billion cubic meters, but 25. Obviously, there are implied and technical feasibility, and available resources. In this regard, it should be said that Ukraine now has a unique opportunity to negotiate with the West about supplies of the entire volume of the resource. But the negotiations should be conducted immediately, remembering that season of “pumping” starts in the middle of April! And in the negotiating group on the Ukrainian side should be professionals and diplomats in order to avoid the same mistakes.

So, in case of complete giving up Russian gas imports, in the absence of unpredictable weather conditions, Ukraine, in general, can provide itself with natural gas through reversing circuit and (very important!) at this, without violating transit.

In case of unpredictable weather conditions, of course, in some periods can be felt shortage of gas. But just the same may happen with imports of gas from Russia. But then in emergency cases some special measures are taken. In some way they are smoothed by UGS. And this infrastructure in our country is developed well enough.


Nuclear energy

Today, against the background of the aggression, we should distinguish two things associated with Moscow:

A. The nuclear/non-nuclear status of Ukraine.

To be fair it should be noted that the author of these lines, for various reasons, was, is and will be a supporter of nuclear energy. But!


The gaining by Ukraine its full nuclear status — is unreal
The gaining by Ukraine its full nuclear status — is unreal


Firstly, the gaining (but not returning!) by Ukraine its full nuclear status — is unreal. Including because in Ukraine: there is no needed for this infrastructure; there is no relevant human potential; all democratic countries for this reason can turn their back at our state; an embargo can be imposed on us, like on Iran, and so on.

Secondly, our nuclear status cannot serve as an obstacle in the way of our main enemy — the Kremlin to unleashing its aggression against Ukraine.

Thirdly, no one can now determine how much time and resources is needed to create modern nuclear weapons. (With all respect to the people’s deputies of Ukraine, who had prepared the relevant draft law, I must say that today nobody can make reliable estimates and determine the time limits necessary for creation of nuclear weapons. Nobody!). That work would need years. Especially in the situation of international restrictions.

Fourthly, there will be no regularity in the fact that the nuclear status of the state will have a positive effect on the social well-being of its citizens. Therefore it is unlikely that the vast majority of Ukrainian citizens will support the idea of ​​ Ukraine’s getting a nuclear status.


20-year program of assistance in recycling of the USSR nuclear weapons is ended. Recycling itself – not yet
20-year program of assistance in recycling of the USSR nuclear weapons is ended. Recycling itself – not yet


In the democratic world they understand that such calls are heard in Ukraine from despair, in particular because of a cynical betrayal of one of the guarantors of our territorial integrity. But this will not influence the toughness of the collective Western policy towards new nuclear weapons and so on. And calls for the resumption of our nuclear status will be certainly used by the Kremlin in his actions against Ukraine. This is exactly on what it counts, as one of public causes of the subsequent potential aggression.

In the current situation, when one of the guarantors, namely the RF, having deceived the world, began aggressive actions in the Crimea — at the indisputable Ukrainian territory — it would be natural to demand from other guarantors — members of the “nuclear club” to place at our territory nuclear weapons of the same efficiency which Ukraine gave up in accordance with the Memorandum signed in Budapest. That would be fair. But, unfortunately, it is hardly possible and, most likely, still would not deter Putin. As would not deter him Ukraine’s having nuclear arsenals.

Almost the only limiting factor for the Kremlin’s aggression would be our country’s membership in NATO. This is what our western neighbors, as well as the Baltic countries have done. It is this that the Kremlin does not perceive most and almost openly admits it. In particular, with the help of its satellites. Taking this into account, the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine should immediately begin wide public negotiations on NATO at all levels and with all nations. Will we join it or not, and when to join it — time and circumstances will prompt.

B. Nuclear Energy (NE).

Little is being spoken or written about this branch of ours. But it is this branch that most of all depends on the Russian Federation-monopolist. And, therefore, it can be the cause of total chaos in the whole of Ukraine, which would mean the liquidation of the state.

Obviously, the Kremlin cynics understand this and have in mind it as an extreme option: in case if the circumstances develop in a certain way, and they will fail to either capture Ukraine (as some signs seem to be already visible), or to really split it. And if we are not ready for this, they will just eliminate us.


Today Ukraine has 15 reactors in operation (11 — ВВЭР-1000 and 4 ВВЭР-440)
Today Ukraine has 15 reactors in operation (11 — ВВЭР-1000 and 4 ВВЭР-440)


Today Ukraine has 15 reactors in operation (11 — ВВЭР-1000 and 4 ВВЭР-440). All the 15 are being provided with nuclear fuel from the Russian Federation. Two of them for over 6 years have been working through the so-called adaptation of the nuclear fuel of Westinghouse (Sweden, USA and Japan) Company with the Russian fuel. No one has dealt with the other nine ВВЭР-1000. And that is why it is ridiculous to talk about replacing their fuel. In order to replace the Russian nuclear fuel with the fuel of Westinghouse, are needed years of special experiments. The fuel for 4 ВВЭР- 440 reactors has not been mentioned by anybody at all!

Even a superficial generalization shows that our nuclear power industry is almost completely dependent on Russia. At this, Ukrainian NPPs produce nearly 50 percent of Ukrainian electricity!

We may, of course, give up importing Russian nuclear fuel (because it is not right to cooperate with the aggressor). But we must then decide what to do if we suddenly feel lack of 50 percent of electricity. It should be remembered that it can be replaced only after several years. However, we must not forget that the fuel for ВВЭР reactors can be produced only by two Western companies: in Sweden (the above-mentioned company Westinghouse) and in Spain. Ukraine cooperates with Westinghouse. With Spain there is no such cooperation.


Plant Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB
Plant Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB


So, giving up Russian nuclear fuel will reduce by nearly half the supply of electricity. And this, in turn, can cause a complete collapse in the state. And it will happen (if takes place a complete refilling of all blocks with fresh fuel) maximum one year after the termination of deliveries of nuclear fuel.


In the near future Ukraine plans to start buying from an American company
In the near future Ukraine plans to start buying from an American company “Westinghouse” up to 2 blocks of nuclear fuel.  Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Yuriy Prodan said in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine


Taking into consideration the difficult situation in the nuclear power industry, Ukraine should immediately prepare for the worst scenario. At this, it should be borne in mind that to completely avoid losses during the year will not be possible, however, to mitigate their effects is really possible with the help of the West. But for this it is necessary: to immediately resume proper conditions for cooperation with Westinghouse (in particular, to expand the adaptation of their nuclear fuel for all blocks of Ukrainian NPPs); to neutralize the pro-Russian 5th column in this industry; to constantly conduct competent explanatory work among the population and with all countries and holders of economic enterprises; to come back to the question of the construction of the nuclear fuel plant — should be re-announced the tender.

Within two to three years with difficulties caused by the lack of electricity, we can cope. But in this period, it is necessary to be fully prepared for them.

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