Geopolitical Situation in the World in 2020 and the Forecast for 2021

Victor Hvozd on UKRLIFE.TV



Today, at the end of the current 2020, few of us, citizens of Ukraine, do not think about the next year, in particular, what other “surprises” it can prepare for us, besides the pandemic, which in some ways even made humanity come to its senses and start thinking about further direction of its development. That is why we follow the slightest changes not only in our society — we observe what is happening around us, on the near and far borders, at our neighbors’ and partners’ from other latitudes and meridians. And we analyze the context of the events in which we are involved, trying to draw the right conclusions, prevent economic losses, repel opponents, etc.

This is what Victor Hvozd, President of the Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel” spoke about in a popular New Year’s Eve marathon on UKRLIFE.TV. Journalist Lyudmyla Nemyria suggested making a small, as she said, geopolitical analysis of the main players in the world political arena to determine how their policies change depending on their interests, and how those interests are formed and what is considered a priority.

V. Hvozd decided to start his analysis with the countries of North and South America, where the events, although they have their “color”, often resonate with events in other parts of the world, Ukraine included. By and large, we can now find many similarities to ours in the domestic politics of Mexico, where the society suffers from uneven development and citizens, depending on their place of residence, are not in the same social conditions, having different wealth. There are problems in one of the leading countries — the United States, where the transfer of power from President D. Trump to the new President J. Biden does not mean that the problems that engulfed the country at the end of last year and continued in the current, will be resolved. Not everything is so simple, says V. Hvozd, outlining his vision of the reasons for the difficulties that are observed there today, as well as in Europe, which must sort out its priorities in economic development and strategy for strengthening NATO.

In a word, listen to V. Hvozd in this New Year’s Eve marathon.


The full interview of Victor Hvozd on UKRLIFE.TV (in Ukrainian):


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